Afrojack Unveils Behind-The-Scenes Look at Tomorrowland Set Preparation on TikTok

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Afrojack Unveils Behind-The-Scenes Look at Tomorrowland Set Preparation on TikTok

EDM enthusiasts were treated to an exciting glimpse into the world of iconic Dutch DJ, Afrojack, as he took to TikTok to showcase how he meticulously prepares his electrifying sets for Tomorrowland. With a career spanning over a decade and a repertoire of iconic tracks like “Ten Feet Tall” and “Take Over Control,” Afrojack is a renowned force in the EDM scene. Now, leveraging the power of social media, he grants fans an inside view of how he weaves magic at one of the world’s most prestigious music festivals.

TikTok, the popular video platform, has become a favored avenue for artists to connect with their audiences in innovative ways. As part of this trend, Afrojack decided to share the meticulous process behind his Tomorrowland set on TikTok. The video begins with a playful demonstration of what it would sound like if a DJ simply pressed buttons without skillfully blending the music. This emphasizes the importance of talent in creating a seamless live performance.

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Afrojack then delves into the extensive preparation that goes into crafting an exceptional set. First, he ensures there are no scheduling conflicts with other DJs. Next, he curates a selection of popular tracks from the moment, blending them harmoniously with some of his classic hits. Once he has the playlist in order, he skillfully crafts mash-ups and edits to create a cohesive and captivating musical journey. While he doesn’t perform a fully live set, Afrojack’s focus is on delivering an energetic and entertaining experience.

The countdown to Tomorrowland has ignited excitement among fans, and Afrojack’s TikTok revelation has only added to the anticipation. By sharing this insightful clip, Afrojack offers fans a deeper appreciation for the effort and creativity that goes into a live performance. Whether attending Tomorrowland in person or tuning into the live stream, audiences can look forward to dancing to the exhilarating beats of Afrojack’s electrifying music.

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