Apple Patent Hints at Transformable MacBook Pro into DJ Turntable

todayAugust 9, 2023 25

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Apple Patent Hints at Transformable MacBook Pro into DJ Turntable

Apple has recently filed a patent that unveils the potential for upcoming MacBook Pro models to embrace a modular and adaptable design, allowing users to detach and rearrange laptop parts for diverse uses. Of particular intrigue is the patent’s proposition that the MacBook Pro could metamorphose into a DJ turntable controller.

The patent introduces the concept of a “modular computing device” with detachable components that users can reconfigure. For instance, the patent illustrations demonstrate the detachment of the touchpad module and its reattachment to the opposite side of the keyboard.

More remarkably, the patent envisions the complete separation of the display from the keyboard segment, which can then be flipped and reattached to face outward. By employing motion sensors and specialized DJ software, the detached screen can transform into a virtual turntable. DJs could execute “scratching” and track mixing by manipulating the screen’s surface.

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While patent filings don’t always translate to Apple’s future product development, the idea of a modular MacBook Pro holds exciting potential. This adaptable design could empower creative professionals to customize their laptops for specific needs, whether it’s music, video, design, or other workflows.

This patent also signifies that Apple is exploring innovative approaches to enhance the MacBook Pro’s versatility for power users. The concept of a modular machine that seamlessly transitions between laptop mode and creative tools, such as a DJ controller, could mark a groundbreaking advancement.


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