Detroit’s Legendary DJ Claude Young Announces Retirement: ‘It’s Time to Regenerate’

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Detroit’s Legendary DJ Claude Young Announces Retirement: ‘It’s Time to Regenerate’

Claude Young, the renowned DJ and producer hailing from Detroit, has made the heartfelt decision to retire from DJing. Sharing the news on his private Instagram account, he expressed that the day had come when he felt bored and disheartened with the whole DJing experience, and it was time for a fresh start.

“It’s been a blast, but I’m done with the DJ thing for good,” Claude Young stated firmly. “That means don’t ask me about shows, or remixes, or anything. It’s officially OVER. And I feel really good about it. Thanks for riding with me all these years.”

In an exclusive conversation with Mixmag, Young elaborated on his decision to move on from this phase of his life, explaining, “I just don’t have the passion to be involved anymore on that level. It’s a joyous occasion. I had a good run, and this has already opened a few doors for me.”

Claude Young | clubberia クラベリア

Despite retiring from DJing, Young is still committed to his musical journey. He and his production partner, Takasi Nakajima, have been commissioned to score music for an exhibition in Japan set for 2025. Claude Young will continue to write music, but he admits that he has lost the love for the “scene” aspect of the industry.

“I’m not bitter at all about any of this,” Young emphasizes. “And it’s been amazing having friends like Jeff Mills and Surgeon, among others, reaching out to me with words of support. There is nothing better than the respect of your peers.”

With a music career that spans more than three decades, Claude Young has been an influential figure in Detroit’s music scene. His early productions date back to the ’90s, and he has released on esteemed labels like DJAX-Up-Beats, Emissions Audio Output Recordings, and Acacia.

Notably, Young curated the third installment of DJ-Kicks’ iconic mix series shortly after moving abroad to the UK in 1995.

During the ’90s, Claude Young also founded his own record label, Utensil, which featured self-releases and works from artists such as Terrence Dixon, Population One, and Walt J, focusing on Detroit’s techno circuit.

Throughout his illustrious career, Young adopted several aliases, including Brother From Another Planet, De-Yang Crew, DJ 2120, and Dub Street Posse.

Now, in addition to running his record label and producing music, Claude Young has taken on a new venture by running a private mail order company from his home. This decision came after inheriting over 13,000 records from his father, who was also a DJ.

Friends and fans have flooded social media with support for Claude Young, praising his contributions to the music world. His unique talent and artistic vision will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the industry, even as he embarks on this new chapter of life.


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