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SC Music Label Night at Scorpios, July 3

today July 3, 2024my_locationWednesday | Scorpios

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    SC Music Label Night With Jean Claude Ades B2B Lannka, Rey&Kjavik, Ulises (Hybrid Set) at Scorpios Mykonos

    An exhibition of the immeasurable talent on the Scorpios label, with Jean Claude Ades, Lannka, Rey&Kjavik and Ulises stepping up to give the dancefloor something to move to. Expect much-loved Scorpios Music releases and unheard material


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    Scorpios Mykonos is set to host the SC Music Label Night in 2024, featuring an electrifying lineup that promises a night of musical magic under the Mykonos sky. The event will showcase a stellar roster of artists, including Jean Claude Ades B2B Lannka, Rey&Kjavik, and Ulises with a Hybrid Set, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts.

    The SC Music Label Night is scheduled to take place on a special evening at Scorpios Mykonos, offering guests a unique opportunity to indulge in the melodic sounds and captivating performances of these talented artists. From the dynamic B2B set by Jean Claude Ades and Lannka to the innovative sounds of Rey&Kjavik and Ulises’ Hybrid Set, the night promises to be a celebration of creativity and musical excellence.

    Scorpios Mykonos, known for its commitment to providing a platform for cutting-edge music and artistic expression, is the perfect setting for the SC Music Label Night. The venue’s stunning beachside location, combined with its dedication to sustainability and cultural heritage, sets the stage for an extraordinary evening of music and entertainment.

    Guests attending the SC Music Label Night can expect a journey through different musical genres, from deep house to techno, curated by some of the most respected producers and tastemakers in the industry. The event will offer a fusion of beats, rhythms, and melodies that will transport attendees into a realm of pure musical bliss.

    As the night unfolds at Scorpios Mykonos, guests will have the opportunity to dance barefoot in the sand, engage in deep conversations, and immerse themselves in the shared awe of the artists’ immersive live sets. The SC Music Label Night is not just a music event; it is a sensory experience that invites guests to embrace the magic of music and creativity.

    Don’t miss the SC Music Label Night at Scorpios Mykonos in 2024, where Jean Claude Ades B2B Lannka, Rey&Kjavik, and Ulises will come together to create a night of musical enchantment that will linger in the hearts of all attendees long after the music fades. Let the music carry you away on a journey of sound and soul at Scorpios Mykonos.

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    Line Up

    Jean Claude Ades B2B Lannka


    Ulises (Hybrid Set)


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    Begin July 3, 2024 H 17:30
    End July 4, 2024 H 01:00
    Location Wednesday | Scorpios
    Address Paraga, Mikonos 846 00
    Phone +34699762458
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