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Whomadewho at Pacha May 15

today May 15, 2024my_locationWednesday | Pacha Ibiza

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    Whomadewho at Pacha Ibiza

    WhoMadeWho Takes Over Pacha Ibiza for an Unforgettable Night on May 15th, 2024!


    Get ready for a dynamic and electrifying night as the legendary Danish electronic music trio, WhoMadeWho, takes center stage at Pacha Ibiza on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. This isn’t your ordinary DJ set; WhoMadeWho promises a unique “Hybrid DJ Set”, showcasing their versatility and talent.

    Stellar Supporting Lineup:

    Adding to the excitement, the night will feature a selection of other talented DJs alongside WhoMadeWho:

    Jan Blomqvist: The renowned German DJ, musician, and producer will likely showcase his own brand of electronic compositions, featuring club-ready techno and deep melodic elements.

    Parallelle: This French electronic music duo, known for their diverse sound and innovative use of instruments, voices, samplers, and electronics, will undoubtedly bring a unique flavor to the night.

    Jessica Brankka: The Brazilian DJ and producer is known for her energetic mixes and ability to keep the crowd moving.

    What to Expect:

    WhoMadeWho’s Hybrid DJ Set: Witness a captivating performance that blends live elements with DJing expertise. Expect them to seamlessly integrate instrumental jams, vocals, and electronic elements, creating a truly unique musical experience.

    Genre-Bending Sounds: Immerse yourself in WhoMadeWho’s signature sound, a captivating fusion of electronic, pop, and soul influences. Prepare for a set that transcends genres and keeps you guessing in the best way possible.

    Energetic Performance: Known for their electrifying stage presence, WhoMadeWho is sure to get the crowd moving with their infectious energy.

    Pacha Ibiza Experience: Enjoy the iconic Pacha Ibiza ambiance, boasting a stylish crowd, top-notch sound system, and captivating visuals.

    Tips for Attending:

    Tickets: Secure your tickets in advance, as this is likely to be a popular event, especially with the additional supporting DJs. Check Pacha Ibiza’s website or ticketing partners for availability.

    Dress Code: Pacha Ibiza maintains a stylish vibe. Opt for smart casual attire.

    Transportation: Pacha Ibiza is located in the heart of Ibiza Town. Consider transportation options, especially if attending late at night.

    Don’t miss this chance to experience WhoMadeWho’s captivating “Hybrid DJ Set” alongside other talented artists at the legendary Pacha Ibiza!

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    LineĀ  Up

    WhoMadeWho (Hybrid DJ Set)
    Jan Blomqvist (live)
    Jessica Brankka



  • Details
    Begin May 15, 2024 H 23:59
    End May 16, 2024 H 06:00
    Location Wednesday | Pacha Ibiza
    Address Av. 8 d'Agost, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears
    Phone +34 971 31 36 12
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