Acid Pauli


Acid Pauli – Biography

For two decades now, Martin Gretschmann has been exploring new territories in music beyond the mainstream scene, creating psychedelic and adventurous sounds that are rich with musicality. Under the name Acid Pauli, Martin delivers a club-oriented live set that has evolved over time into an advanced DJ performance, incorporating an eclectic range of genres beyond just techno and house. He is a versatile musician who can perform just as comfortably in the techno clubs of New York and Ibiza as he can produce radio plays and write film music.

Born in Bavaria, Germany in the 1970s, Martin first picked up a bass guitar and played in a punk/indie band in the late 80s. Around the same time, he became fascinated with the evolution of electronic music and its instruments. With the introduction of affordable samplers, he began producing his own electronic tracks, releasing his first album “Pan or ama” under the name Console in 1996. He later joined the band The Notwist, where he was responsible for handling their electronic spectrum until 2015.

Under the Acid Pauli moniker, Martin’s live act started as a computer-based performance and has since developed into a dancefloor-focused hybrid of live and DJ sets, allowing for experimentation and a precise blend of eclectic selections. His abilities were showcased in a highly-acclaimed installment of Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost mix series and on his DJ mix with Damian Lazarus, “Countdown to Zero”. In 2012, Acid Pauli released his full-length album “Mst” on Clown & Sunset, which received widespread praise and was compared to the likes of Mr. Scruff, Lemon Jelly, Ricardo Villalobos, and Björk.

In 2016, Martin launched his own record label called Ouïe with Nico Stojan, releasing their first record themselves. He also participated in an ambitious project called The Golden Machine, which produced a continuous stream of music for an entire year, and wrote the music for the feature film “Es war einmal Indianerland”, a Coming of Age story based on the novel by Nils Mohl. Martin’s second Acid Pauli album, “BLD”, was released in the spring of 2017, following the release of several remixes and his popular track “Nana”.

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