Akasha * Las Dalias Club * is born to welcome great artists from the local, national, and international scene who with their music invite us to enjoy and inspire.

Akasha in the Sanskrit language means ether, sky, and sound.

Moved by these references, we created a club concept where our intention is to generate a community spirit among the people who visit us.

From February 18th

SCHEDULE: Saturdays from 23h and Sundays from 19h.

Admission is recommended for over 25 years.

Las Dalias

This coming 4th of November, coinciding with the celebration of the Sant Carlos Patron Saint, Las Dalias will be celebrating their 65 years of existence and what started off as a bar at the side of the road with a dance floor, has become a true legend. To look back on the history of Las Dalias means looking back on the last six decades of Ibiza’s history.


Every Sunday Las Dalias and Akasha present a new residence full of organic house sounds and live music that connects us with the land and joy: it is NIDO, an event that was born to remind us that enjoyment happens there, where we feel safe, close, and in community.

Live Music

From flamenco to rock, from rumba fusion to trance or from reggae to pop. When it comes to Music in Ibiza, few places take it as seriously and passionately as Las Dalias. Live sound, instruments from all over the world on stage and that exciting connection between freedom and multiculturalism are some of the main features of these live nights and concerts in Las Dalias.


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