Alfa Romero


Alfa Romero – Biography

Marzio Aricò and Lorenzo Bartoletti form the dynamic duo known as Alfa Romero. Individually, these talented musicians have earned great acclaim in the realm of electronic music. However, when they join forces, their Alfa Romero project takes on a whole new dimension.

As both producers and DJs, Aricò and Bartoletti embark on a collaborative journey to expand the boundaries of electronic music. Their partnership is a testament to their shared musical vision and their desire to explore uncharted territories.

Alfa Romero’s production style is rooted in their love for club-friendly beats. While their tracks are undeniably dancefloor-oriented, they go beyond mere rhythmic patterns. Each composition is a vibrant tapestry of colors, evoking deep emotions and invoking strong rhythms. The duo’s skillful incorporation of subtle melodies adds a touch of ethereal beauty rarely encountered in dance music.

In addition to Aricò and Bartoletti, Alfa Romero also includes two other accomplished musicians, Stefano Onorati and Andrea Guzzoletti. Together, they are currently crafting a mesmerizing live set that seamlessly merges music and synthesizers with delicate symphonies. This collaboration sets them apart as a truly exceptional team, unmistakably embodying the essence of Alfa Romero.

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