Amelie Lens  


Amelie Lens – Biography

Amelie Lens, born in the 31st of May 1990 in Vilvoorde, Vlaams-Brabant, is a Belgian electronic music DJ, record producer, and co-owner of the Lenske record label.

She is signed to the Pan-Pot imprint Second State records, with whom she has released several singles and EPs, the most successful to date being 2017’s Contradiction EP. She has also recorded for the Drumcode and Elevate labels. Her live sets tend towards bass-heavy minimal techno, mixing classic acid and tribal house influences with more contemporary European techno sounds.

Lens has toured extensively across Europe and North America, including a 2017 appearance at LaPlage de Glazart in Paris, and at the 2018 Awakenings festival in the Netherlands.

She often plays live using a Pioneer effects box, which she uses “to add layers to the mix. It has a built-in sampler and personalised effects that can entirely reform the track that is playing. Like everything, its use is situational. Sometimes I hardly touch it, but when I play a peak-time set it truly shines.

I specifically look for and buy tracks that will work well with the device. Very stripped-down or minimalistic percussion locked grooves.” When recording, she mostly uses Ableton Live music sequencer and digital audio workstation, as well as the Elektron Analog Four synth and sequencer.


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