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Eric Prydz – Biography

Eric Prydz, the powerhouse behind Mouseville Records and Pryda Recordings, stands at the forefront of the global music scene as one of the most sought-after underground DJs and producers. Through his unwavering dedication to quality, he has established his labels as beacons of the underground club culture.

Mouseville, Pryda, and Pryda Friends showcase a remarkable collection of underground club hits, solidifying Eric’s position as an influential tastemaker. These esteemed labels command unparalleled demand, boasting vinyl releases that consistently sell in substantial quantities, an impressive feat in today’s market. They have become synonymous with success and forward-thinking innovation, setting new standards within the industry.

The creation of these labels was a deliberate move by Eric to reclaim creative control over his music. They serve as platforms for his own productions, free from external influence and pressure. By stepping back from previous achievements, Eric sought the freedom to release music on his own terms, shaping his artistic image and destiny. The ethos behind the labels embraced the true essence of the underground, favoring minimal promotion, guarding against press intrusion, and embodying a distinct label/design identity—a winning formula that has propelled them to remarkable success.

Under the pseudonym Cirez D, Eric’s releases on Mouseville Records exhibit a raw and powerful energy, paying homage to Sweden’s renowned underground techno roots. The label’s staggering popularity is evident, with his monumental “Knockout EP” selling over 18,000 vinyl copies alone. On the other hand, Pryda, known for its melodic foundation, showcases Eric’s early house influences, infusing harmonies, melodies, and infectious hooks with his signature potent basslines. Both Pryda and Mouseville are exclusive platforms for Eric’s unique sound—an unparalleled blend of influence, constantly imitated but never surpassed.

Recognizing the need for an outlet to release tracks from close colleagues, Eric established Pryda Friends. Collaborations with artists like Paolo Mojo and Axer validated the importance of this new imprint. Meanwhile, Eric made history by obtaining the rights to sample Pink Floyd’s iconic “Another Brick In The Wall,” expertly fusing it into his chart-topping hit “Proper Education.” This achievement demonstrated his ability to seamlessly merge commercial success with underground acclaim—an accomplishment previously thought unattainable.

Eric’s musical journey has always been fueled by sheer passion. From his early days of tinkering with the piano and persuading his parents to buy him a keyboard to create Depeche Mode-inspired tracks, it has always been about the joy of making music. As he prepares to release his debut artist album, Eric will unite his diverse styles—house, techno, and electro—under one roof, allowing his underground club roots to take center stage. This highly anticipated album is poised to become a global chart-topper, highlighting just how far a bit of “fun” can propel an artist.

Reflecting back to 1994, Eric’s musical path began as the drummer in a synth band called “Enemy Alliance,” touring Sweden and harboring dreams of following in the footsteps of Kraftwerk. He took a leap of faith, leaving his job to pursue music with two friends in a small studio, creating pop-infused tracks while surviving on a shoestring budget. Eric spent countless hours crafting hard-hitting, techno-funk compositions and DJing local gigs whenever an opportunity arose.

Almost serendipitously, Eric’s first release came about when he handed a cassette tape of his Roland MC-505 Groovebox-produced material to a friend who ran a clothing store in Stockholm. Eventually, the tape found its way to the London offices of EMI’s New Religion, leading to the release of “By Your Side”/”Mr. Jingles” in 2000—an exciting breakthrough onto the revered black vinyl grooves.

Following the success of his initial release, Eric transitioned to EMI’s esteemed dance label, Credence. The remix of “Mr. Jingles,” coupled with two new tracks, marked the beginning of a trilogy of immensely successful releases. By the time “EP3” arrived, Eric had firmly established himself as a prominent figure in house music. The original version of “Slammin'” from “EP3” became the instrumental anthem of Ibiza in the summer of 2003. As demand for his remixes skyrocketed, Eric left an indelible mark with his work on tracks by artists such as Steve Angello, The Shapeshifters, Alter Ego, Pet Shop Boys, and Switch.

Then came the whirlwind. A record initially crafted for friends in Stockholm, featuring a sample from Stevie Winwood’s “Valerie,” quickly became a local club sensation with just six dubplates. A year later, in 2004, “Call On Me” was unleashed on Ministry of Sound’s Data imprint, dominating charts across Europe and reigning atop the UK charts for an astonishing six weeks, amassing over 2.5 million unit sales worldwide.

With Mouseville Records and Pryda Recordings continuing to deliver unrivaled dancefloor experiences, Eric Prydz has solidified his status as one of the world’s most sought-after underground DJs and producers. As his debut album approaches and a new single is on the horizon, the worlds of techno and house music rest assured that they are in the capable hands of an extraordinary talent.

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