Jose Maria Ramon


Jose Maria Ramon – Biography

Born in 1972 in the captivating paradise of Ibiza, this individual has been a lifelong enthusiast of music. Their journey began at the tender age of 13 when they fearlessly dismantled their grandmother’s antique radio, ingeniously modifying it to accommodate a double deck for playing their own curated tunes. Even today, they proudly own a vintage, portable record player that still emits the nostalgic melodies of vinyl. These early experiences propelled them into the spotlight, becoming a regular fixture at intimate parties and local clubs on the vibrant island of Ibiza. They were instrumental in introducing the ‘Rocking 80’s’ Festival to Space Ibiza and the ‘Matchbox’ Band to the San Pepe Rock Festival, both iconic events in Ibiza.

In 1988, after two years of honing their skills while working at a record shop and expanding their music collection, a friend encouraged them to audition for the renowned 40 Principales Ibiza radio station. Seizing the opportunity, they embarked on a journey to Madrid, where they crossed paths with influential figures such as José Antonio Abellán, Fernandisco, and Yolanda Valencia, among other luminaries of the era. At just 16 years old, they became one of the youngest presenters on Cuarenta Principales in Spain. Simultaneously, they continued to showcase their talent as a DJ on the island, immersing themselves in the blossoming electronic music scene and crafting advertising jingles using the archaic Revox ‘cut and paste’ technique.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity for radio, they joined the Cadena 100 Ibiza team as a DJ, becoming a resident in various small clubs. Their passion for music led them to discover Goa Trance, a genre that found its way to Ibiza through the MiniDiscs of their friends who spent winters in Goa. Enthralled by these captivating sounds, they embarked on a two-year sabbatical, enchanting audiences with their performances at open-air raves nestled within Ibiza’s mystical forests and secluded coves.

In 2002/2003, their focus shifted back to radio as they collaborated on a thirty-minute segment for Europa FM Ibiza on David Moreno’s Ibiza Dance Radio Show. Their talent and dedication were recognized, earning them their own one-hour session. Thus, ‘Melodías Para Tu Sofá’ (Tunes For Your Sofa) was born, an exquisite collection of high-quality music spanning genres such as lounge, downtempo, trip-hop, and their multifaceted subgenres. As time passed, their program found a new home on Radio Exit, where they started featuring guest DJs in their sessions.

The advent of Ibiza Global Radio in 2004 provided an exceptional platform for listeners to enjoy top-notch electronic music round the clock. ‘Melodías para tu sofá’ became an integral part of the station’s programming, incorporating tracks from over 50 record labels. Renowned artists like Jazzanova, Louie Vega, Stefano Gittoni, and Gerardo Frisina graced the program with their mesmerizing tunes. ‘Melodías Para Tu Sofá’ took listeners on a musical voyage encompassing the latest downtempo vibes to timeless classics, serving as a sonic cocktail for the modern era. 

Additionally, the artist performed at numerous venues across the island, including iconic locations such as Café Del Mar and the opening and closing ceremonies of Ibiza’s largest clubs. Their talents extended beyond Ibiza, captivating audiences in cities like Cannes, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Barcelona, and many more. Since 2007, they have held the prestigious position of resident DJ at Space Ibiza, recognized as one of the world’s premier clubs.

Their contributions to the music scene extend beyond the airwaves, with a notable discography that includes a double compilation CD released in collaboration with the respected Level Records label: ‘Ibiza Global Radio Grooves.’ They have also curated two compilations, ‘Ibiza Global Radio Moods’ in partnership with Joan Ribas, released by the legendary Italian label Irma Records, as well as ‘Ibiza Global Radio Summer’08’ and ‘Ibiza Global Radio Cd compilation 2010 and 2011’ in collaboration with Blanco y Negro Music.

In 2008, they embarked on a new musical chapter, returning to their roots and embracing a fresh perspective. Currently, they hold the position of head of programming at the station, continuing to captivate audiences with their programs ‘Melodías Para Tu Sofá,’ ‘Funk-a-Delia,’ and ‘LG2d-club.’ Their sessions emanate pure energy, encompassing deep-tech sounds and underground house, featuring esteemed artists like Little Louie Vega, Sharam, Mark Henning, Nick Warren, Uner, Coyu, and Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul). In 2009, they performed at the closing event of MIDEM (The World’s Music Community) in Cannes alongside Groove Armada. 

They also secured a record deal for their new compilation, ‘Primavera,’ with the renowned label Pschent Music (known for Hotel Costes and Buddha Bar), as well as the ‘Space Tranquil’ CD compilation for Space Ibiza in collaboration with Essential Records. Presently, their spellbinding sets as a resident DJ at Space Ibiza are enthralling audiences worldwide. During the summer of 2010, they took up the mantle of resident DJ at one of Ibiza’s most sought-after, captivating, and stylish terrace parties, ‘IBIZA ESSENTIALS.’ Additionally, they recently released their new productions under the labels Monique Musique, White Island Recordings, and Tanzbar, further expanding their artistic endeavors.

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