Joseph Capriati


Joseph Capriati – Biography

Nestled in the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza, Joseph Capriati, an Italian native, has earned high praise for his mesmerizing marathon DJ sets and impeccably crafted techno and house tracks. Since bursting onto the scene in 2007, he has graced countless festivals and clubs across the globe, while also delivering a plethora of records for renowned labels such as Drumcode and CLR.

 While his singles lean towards functional tech-house and minimal techno, his albums showcase his artistic versatility, ranging from the hypnotic downtempo and drum’n’bass cuts on 2010’s “Save My Soul” to the eclectic fusion of garage house and Goa trance found in his 2020 release, “Metamorfosi.”

From his early days as a preteen attending raves, Capriati’s love for techno became an unwavering passion that shaped his destiny. As he delved deeper into the scene, he began producing his own tracks, eventually earning recognition with his 12-inch releases on local labels like Analytic Trail and Globox in 2007. Collaborative EPs with esteemed artists such as Rino Cerrone, Markantonio, and Uto Karem followed suit, solidifying his position in the industry. 

By 2009, Capriati’s talent caught the attention of influential figures like Adam Beyer of Drumcode and Chris Liebing of CLR, leading to further releases under their labels. In 2010, he unveiled his debut full-length album, “Save My Soul,” showcasing his ability to create pulsating club anthems alongside introspective downtempo compositions.

As his reputation as a DJ soared, Capriati embarked on a tireless global journey, headlining prestigious club events and festivals alongside esteemed artists such as Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, and Danny Tenaglia. His marathon sets, often spanning an awe-inspiring 12 hours, became legendary, captivating audiences with his unmatched energy and flawless song selection.

In 2013, Capriati presented his sophomore full-length release, “Self Portrait,” complemented by a documentary DVD titled “Autoritratto.” His remarkable talent led to consecutive appearances in Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJs polls from 2013 to 2016, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the industry. In early 2015, he contributed to the iconic mix CD series with “Fabric 80,” further cementing his status as a skilled curator. 

In 2016, Capriati took his artistic journey to new heights by launching his own label, Redimension, through which he released his collaborations with Adam Beyer and Flavio Folco as the label’s inaugural singles. The following year, he presented “Rilis Classics,” a compilation where he masterfully reinterpreted tracks by Rino Cerrone.

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