Loco Dice


Loco Dice – Biography

Loco Dice is a renowned figure in electronic music, captivating audiences with his DJ sets and exceptional productions. His illustrious career includes residencies at Tribehouse in Düsseldorf and performances at DC-10 in Ibiza. Loco Dice seamlessly blends intangible moods and crafts immersive experiences that transcend boundaries.

His releases on esteemed labels like M_nus, Cadenza, Ovum, Four Twenty, and Cocoon showcase his ability to merge diverse perspectives. Loco Dice combines delicate soundscapes, reflective atmospheres, and infectious grooves, drawing inspiration from his early roots in hip hop.

What sets Loco Dice apart is his distinctive approach to DJing. Each set becomes a spontaneous orchestration, intricately woven to match the nuances of the night, venue, and crowd. Whether performing at Timewarp, Cocoon in Ibiza, or vibrant beach parties, he creates an atmosphere where dreamers and 9-to-5ers alike lose themselves on the dancefloor.

Beyond music, Loco Dice has a directorial and cinematic outlook on life. This perspective stems from his adventurous escapades and childhood imagination. Together with Martin Buttrich, he documented their New York City journey in a captivating photo exhibition. The resulting album reflects their profound observations of urban tribes and sensory impressions.

Family holds deep significance for Loco Dice, from his love for music rooted in soul and funk to the cultural influences of North African and Middle Eastern folk music. He views subcultures as an extended family, inspiring collaborations through projects like Desolat and Artist Alife.

Loco Dice’s innate understanding of people sets him apart as a DJ. He adapts to the diverse nationalities and desires of his audiences, translating sounds and effortlessly creating immersive experiences. His talent was honed during his experiences touring with renowned hip hop artists.

While expanding his musical horizons, Loco Dice never abandons his roots. He weaves timeless classics into his compositions, drawing from techno gems and gritty boompty house tracks. Composing music with a hip hop-inspired structure remains an integral part of his artistic expression.

Life may be unpredictable, but Loco Dice demonstrates that the next move can be meticulously planned. His meticulously crafted compositions evoke cinematic journeys and showcase the fusion of spontaneity and meticulousness. With flights of fancy and rolls of the dice, Loco Dice shapes extraordinary musical experiences that leave a lasting impact.

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