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Maceo Plex – Biography

Located deep within the circuitry of a mechanical alien host known as Maetrik, you will find a complex web of synaptic dispersements resembling what could be called a soul. And this soul, which drives its host and manipulates its every move, is finally beginning to emerge. Its name is Maceo Plex. The emergence of such an entity has been the result of a need for feeling, a need for interplanetary funk. We, as humans, consider this need a feeling, rooted in emotion and the very basis of humanity.

Maceo Plex is on a quest to fulfill his need to inject feeling and funk into the world, and he’s already proving to be quite productive. With deep and funky works of audible engineering for the label Crosstown Rebels in the form of a full-length album titled “Life Index,” a night with Maceo Plex will be one of galactic proportions.

To explain the evolutionary process behind Maceo’s existence, we must travel back to 1993, to the beginning of his creativity. Maceo was intrigued by a pair of circular-shaped objects designed for holding vinyl discs that produced vibrations resulting in sound and music. Soon, he began conjuring up mixes of techno, electro, and house music that quickly gained popularity within the early ’90s rave culture. But in 1997, heavily influenced by the sounds of other modern funk theorists such as Model 500, Kenny Larkin, Idjut Boyz, Convextion, and more, Maceo began experimenting with hardware modules containing knobs and keys to form his early musical compositions. Seduced by the sounds of techno and electro, Maceo grew into a technologically advanced being, later known by various names such as Mariel Ito or Maetrik.

After many years of prolific works on labels like Treibstoff, Dumb Unit, Cocoon, Audiomatique, Modern Love, and Mothership, to name a few, Maceo, aka Maetrik, traveled the world, playing in some of the best clubs such as Rex, Cocoon, Fabric, Womb, and more. Now, in 2010, Maceo has begun to strip back some of his robotic body armor known as Maetrik to expose a more musical and groove-based side the world has not yet seen.

This profound change has taken Maceo Plex from the complex and dark life in America to his current home base of Valencia, Spain. The sunny and relaxed atmosphere has been quite useful to Maceo in his lengthy inward journey, evident in his music. After a much-needed retreat into the funky sounds of Parliament Funkadelic, Moodymann, Atjazz, Isolee, and Luomo, Maceo has finally completed his transformation and is shining brighter than the star Sirius. His newest musical output reflects his radiation in a variety of beautiful colors. In late 2010, Maceo’s single “Vibe Your Love” was released on the forward-thinking label Crosstown Rebels, including a funk remix by Zev of the Wolf & Lamb clan. Soon after, the full-length debut album, aptly titled “Life Index,” was released, chronicling Maceo’s lifelong transformation into the soulful ball of energy he is today.

Once experienced, the album makes it abundantly clear the level of versatility Maceo Plex possesses among his many auditory shells. The world will understand Maceo’s pristine vision of house music from beyond.

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