Manu Gonzalez


Manu Gonzalez – Biography

Manu Gonzalez, a true product of the vibrant Ibiza music scene, stands out as one of the island’s most talented and promising young DJs. Born and raised on the sunny isle in 1990, he has been making waves in the Balearic Electronic scene, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Manu’s journey began at the famous Discos Delta, where he worked tirelessly, immersing himself in the world of vinyl. Interacting with renowned DJ/Producers who called Ibiza home, he honed his skills and sound experience, developing a unique style grounded in quality music.

His interpretation of Balearic music is a testament to his diverse influences, drawing from the depths of Chicago House, Detroit Techno, and the latest trends in quality tech house. Manu’s DJ sets are a fusion of powerful funky grooves and old-school vibes, creating an infectious energy that keeps the dance floor alive.

Ibiza has served as Manu’s playground, with regular appearances at the island’s most revered clubs, including Space, Pacha, and Privilege. At Privilege, he leads the charge alongside Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver, hosting the highly popular and successful night, ‘The Face.’ Sharing the DJ booth with legends such as John Digweed, Supernova, Mandy, and Solomun, Manu’s talent is widely recognized and respected.

Despite his youth, Manu has built a global following, captivating audiences in Mexico, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Scotland, Italy, and Romania, among other countries. When he’s not jetting across the globe, Manu can be found playing in Madrid, Barcelona, and various cities across Spain. He even maintains winter residencies on the island itself.

In addition to his DJing prowess, Manu showcases his skills as a producer and editor in his studio. His tracks have found a home on esteemed labels like Natural Rhythm Berlin, Novo Music Spain, and Get Funky Romania. Supported by industry heavyweights such as Marco Carola, Luciano, and DJ Sneak, Manu’s productions continue to make a significant impact.

With numerous DJ award nominations under his belt, Manu Gonzalez is hailed as one of Ibiza’s most promising DJ/Producers. Considered the sound of Ibiza by many, his future in the electronic music scene shines bright. Undoubtedly, the years to come will witness even greater achievements from this exceptional talent.

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