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Masters At Work, comprised of “Little Louie” Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, have redefined the club music landscape with their innovative production style. With an extensive body of work including hundreds of original productions, remixes, and side projects, they fearlessly blend genres such as house, hip-hop, funk, disco, Latin, African, and jazz into a universal groove. Masters At Work has become a cultural mélange, emblematic of the multicultural society we live in.

Their album “Our Time Is Coming” exemplifies the ambitiously eclectic MAW sound, featuring vibrant dance grooves derived from a fusion of Latin rhythms, jazz, and soul. Composed, produced, and arranged by Vega and Gonzalez, the album showcases 15 songs that combine new compositions with popular MAW singles from recent years. With the participation of notable collaborators like India, Roy Ayers, Patti Austin, James Ingram, and Stephanie Mills, Masters At Work continues to push their creative impulses and deliver exceptional musical experiences.

The influence of various artists shines throughout the album. Roy Ayers adds his inimitable touch on the title track, “Our Time Is Coming,” while the enchanting vocals of Patti Austin, with lyrics co-written by Blaze, grace the opening selection, “Like A Butterfly (You Send Me).” The legendary James Ingram joins in on “Lean On Me,” displaying the diversity of Vega and Gonzalez’s musical prowess. The album also features Latin-jazz-infused tracks like “Pienso En Ti,” featuring guitarist and vocalist Luis Salinas, and the deep-house funk of Billie’s “Every Now And Then.” With the Soca-influenced “Work,” featuring Puppah Nas-T and vocals by Denise, Masters At Work creates an irresistible full-body experience.

While their dream of recording with Afrobeat king Fela Kuti was unfulfilled due to his passing, Masters At Work pays tribute to him with “MAW Expensive (A Tribute To Fela),” which reworks Fela’s signature track “Expensive Shit” while maintaining its dedicated tribal flavor. “Our Time Is Coming” stands as a testament to Masters At Work’s exceptional talent and accomplishment, showcasing their ability to consistently push creative boundaries over the years. As the album title suggests, there is undoubtedly more to come from these visionary artists, as they continue to shape the future of music.

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