Pikes Ibiza


Pikes Ibiza

A Legendary Haven of Music, History, and Enchantment

Pikes traces its roots back to the 1970s when it was founded by the late Tony Pike. This legendary establishment holds a special place in Ibizan culture, with a rich history intertwined with rock ‘n’ roll and an abundance of character. Nestled in the hills of San Antonio, this haven boasts 25 bespoke rooms and suites that encircle enchanting gardens and the iconic aquamarine pool, famously featured in Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video.

A hub for the music and cultural elite, Pikes has long been frequented by renowned personalities such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis, Spandau Ballet, Bon Jovi, George Michael, and Freddie Mercury.

In 2011, Pikes underwent a loving restoration, capturing the hearts of locals and preserving the authentic, carefree spirit of the Balearic Islands. Initially known as the Ibiza Rocks House, the establishment now fully embraces Pikes’ genuine essence and its significance to the island and its people, whether they are long-standing patrons or first-time visitors.

“It is akin to a precious work of art that we have meticulously restored and revitalized. Not only has it been rejuvenated, but I believe it is currently enjoying unprecedented success in its entire history.”

Recognized as one of the “Top 100” destinations in the world by Sunday Times Travel, Pikes takes pride in its multiple accolades received over the years, particularly in the esteemed White Ibiza Awards. However, the most valuable praise comes directly from our esteemed guests who enthusiastically share their genuine experiences. We invite you to read their testimonials and see for yourself!

At Pikes, expect a harmonious blend of music, mischief, and magic. From the vibrant ambiance of Pikes and the shimmering Sunset Terrace adorned with glitter balls, to our newest addition, the Bathtub Club, there is something to delight every visitor. Whether you seek a lively dance floor, tranquil afternoons by the pool, early evening cocktails under the sun, or even stand-up comedy nights on our vibrant pink tennis court, rest assured that Pikes has you covered. We eagerly await your return to our cherished establishment.


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