Playa Soleil Ibiza


Playa Soleil

Ibiza’s Ultimate Luxury Beach Experience for 2023

Introducing Playa Soleil, the newest beach bar, restaurant, and club in Ibiza, offering a luxurious getaway for the 2023 season. This sun-soaked paradise is a collaboration between Ushuaïa Entertainment (Ushuaïa, Hï Ibiza), Alonso Mari Group (Insotel Group), and Live Barefoot (Kiss Beach, ROTO), promising a fusion of music, art, gastronomy, and wellness in a breathtaking Mediterranean setting.

Situated at the heart of Playa d’en Bossa, on the iconic site of the former Bora Bora, Playa Soleil opens its doors in 2023 to provide an unparalleled beach experience day and night, enriched with unforgettable moments. Embracing a holistic concept, this idyllic enclave boasts a rustic, bohemian, and sophisticated design, seamlessly blending natural and organic elements to create a multisensory journey that nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

Playa Soleil offers several distinct areas for you to explore. At Playa Grande, bask in the sun and the refreshing waters, leaving your worries behind. Find yourself in Playa Chica and Le Restaurant, the vibrant heart of the venue, serving a delightful selection of delicacies and beverages. Indulge in relaxation at Oasis, where you can enjoy exotic drinks on the Balinese beds of Les Palmiers and The Dunes. Meanwhile, children between the ages of 4 and 9 can frolic in the Mini Playa, supervised by experienced caregivers. And don’t miss the Boho-Chic Store, offering handmade products and clothing.

The gastronomic experience at Playa Soleil revolves around organic and locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality, curated by the esteemed Executive Chef Christian Castañeda. Immerse yourself in personalized customer service and attention to detail as you savor each exquisite bite.

Prepare to be captivated by an exceptional musical program featuring renowned international DJs, special guests, and local artists. Flagship music events will take place on Fridays and Sundays. The venue will kick off in style on 30 June, as the beloved Guy Gerber reintroduces his renowned Rumors party to this picturesque sandy shore, which holds great significance in his personal journey. The Rumors party will commence at 18:00 and continue throughout the summer until 29 September, evoking cherished memories of years gone by.

Sundays will belong to Palmarama, starting with an extended set by Luciano on 2 July. This talented Latin magician will be accompanied by other DJs who will be announced soon.

Both days require guestlist entry, ensuring an exclusive experience for attendees. Furthermore, Maison Musique will host special events, enchanting those who are already familiar with its iconic space. The anticipation builds as we eagerly await the creation of new unforgettable memories within its magnificent glass walls.

Additionally, Playa Soleil offers a wide array of wellness activities to enhance your well-being, all while providing valet parking services for your convenience. This inviting space invites you to savor life’s finest pleasures, merging with the island’s energy and natural beauty.

Join us at Playa Soleil, where sophistication meets bliss, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of sensory delight.


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