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Seth Troxler – Biography

Seth Troxler, an iconic figure in electronic music, has forged an exceptional career as a DJ, cultural commentator, art curator, restaurateur, and entrepreneur. With a lineage that includes cowboys and Baptist preachers, Seth brings a distinct perspective to contemporary music culture, embracing his African-American heritage.

Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Seth’s DJ journey began under the guidance of his stepfather, a college radio DJ. At the age of 16, he immersed himself in the legendary Detroit record store called ‘Melodies & Memories,’ where he further developed his DJing skills. 

However, it was his bold decision to explore new horizons in the mid-2000s that propelled his career to new heights. Fresh out of his teens, Seth relocated to Berlin, making a remarkable debut at Panorama Bar at just 18 years old.

Since his move from Detroit to Berlin, with subsequent stints in London and his current divide between Ibiza and Berlin, Seth has established himself as one of the world’s most prominent DJs. Recognized as the world’s number one DJ by Resident Advisor and gracing the cover of Mixmag thrice, he effortlessly captivates dance floors in esteemed nightclubs like CircoLoco, fabric (London), Nordstern (Basel), The Lux (Lisbon), and Blitz (Munich). Simultaneously, he commands the stages of renowned festivals such as Glastonbury, Movement, Roskilde, and Sonar.

From the outset, Seth’s passion for food and contemporary art has harmonized with his musical pursuits. He is a multi-faceted modern artist, holding residencies at influential music institutions, managing various record labels, and cultivating a successful solo recording career. 

Notable projects include his collaboration with the Martinez Brothers on Crosstown Rebels’ ‘Play In The Dark’ and ‘Lumartes,’ which launched CircoLoco Recordings in the summer of 2021. Amidst his musical endeavors, Seth has also found time to establish the thriving Smokey Tails restaurant in London, host his own party during the Rio Carnival, and undertake charitable ventures like climbing Kilimanjaro.

More recently, Seth has channeled his creative energy into the ‘Lost Souls of Saturn’ project alongside Phil Moffa and other enigmatic collaborators. This venture converges futuristic electronica, contemporary art, and technology. Their audio/visual installation, ‘Transmission,’ premiered at Art Basel in Switzerland and was later presented at the Saatchi Gallery in London. 

They have also collaborated with esteemed institutions like the Met in New York and the Fondation Beyeler in Basel in 2021. Currently, Lost Souls of Saturn is working on their second album while exploring augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, promising exciting revelations in the near future.

With an insatiable wanderlust and a ceaseless quest for new experiences, Seth Troxler continues to forge his own distinctive path, pushing boundaries and shaping the landscape of contemporary music.

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