Wez Saunders


Wez Saunders – Biography

Wez Saunders, the Managing Director of Defected, has had a remarkable journey in the music industry. Beginning his career as a DJ in the late 90s, he quickly made a name for himself by performing for renowned brands such as Global Underground and Renaissance. However, as life took its course, Wez faced various pressures that led him away from his passion.

Upon meeting his future wife, he found himself compelled to conform to societal expectations and secure a “proper job.” As a result, he embarked on a twelve-year venture in investment banking, temporarily setting aside his love for music. However, tragedy struck when Wez lost his brother to leukaemia at a young age of 24. This heartbreaking event compelled him to reassess his life and reignite his passion for music.

Motivated by a deep desire to follow his dreams, Wez decided to establish his own small record label. It was a bold and courageous move, driven by a burning determination to return to what he truly loved. In 2014, as he sought guidance and mentorship, fate intervened when he had a fortuitous encounter with Simon Dunmore.

During their discussion, Simon recognized Wez’s potential and offered him a position at Defected, a prominent music label and events company. Starting in Club Promotions, Wez rapidly progressed through the ranks, assuming the roles of Executive Director of the radio show and later Head of Marketing. His commitment and unwavering dedication to the brand did not go unnoticed.

In 2017, an opportunity arose when the previous Managing Director of Defected departed the business. Simon Dunmore, recognizing Wez’s immense talent and dedication, called upon him to step up and take on the role. With humility and enthusiasm, Wez accepted the challenge, and since then, he has successfully held the position of Managing Director at Defected.

Under Wez’s leadership, Defected has experienced unprecedented growth and success in both the music and events sectors. The brand has made significant strides, with plans underway for the next three years. Exciting endeavors await in the coming summer, including events in Ibiza, Croatia, London, and various European festivals. Additionally, the expansion of Glitterbox to Australia, America, and Dubai demonstrates Defected’s global influence.

Building on the previous year’s well-received Glitterbox and Defected nights in Ibiza, Wez and his team have introduced new changes. Defected now takes over the Friday slot at Eden, while Glitterbox has claimed the Sunday spot at Hi. Moreover, to enhance the overall experience, both events will be preceded by lively sunset strip pre-parties at Mambo. Incredibly, this summer alone will witness up to 84 parties hosted by Defected in Ibiza.

Wez Saunders’ unwavering commitment, resilience, and love for music have shaped his extraordinary journey in the music industry. As the Managing Director of Defected, he continues to drive the brand forward, establishing its prominence in the global music landscape while captivating audiences with unforgettable events and performances.

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