8 Impressive AI Tools for Music Production

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8 Impressive AI Tools for Music Production

Artificial intelligence is making waves in the music industry, revolutionizing the way artists create and market their work. From generating new music to designing album covers, AI production tools offer endless possibilities for independent musicians, streamlining the music production process and sparking creativity. By tapping into neural networks, AI music tools analyze patterns in track compositions and generate new music, allowing producers to craft magical sounds.

While the role of AI in the creative process is a subject of debate, combining AI-powered digital audio workstations (DAWs) with personal creative vision can be a game-changer for independent artists.

Here are eight remarkable AI tools for music production:

1. Magenta Studio (V1.0)
Published by Google, Magenta Studio is a free AI music generator equipped with a variety of music creativity tools and plugins compatible with both MacOS and Windows. It can also be used as a plugin on Ableton Live. Powered by Magenta’s neural network, the toolbox enables users to transform a short melody into an instrumental composition in any desired style.

2. WavTool
WavTool is a browser-based AI tool that pioneers text-to-music digital audio workstations. It features a MIDI sequence composer assistant powered by GPT-4, allowing users to create music by simply inputting text prompts in English. The chatbot, Conductor, embedded with music theory and audio production knowledge, guides users through the music-making process.

3. Boomy
Boomy is an AI generative music platform that empowers users to create original songs that can be distributed on streaming platforms. The DAW uses advanced AI algorithms to generate tracks in customizable styles, offering a seamless integration with popular streaming platforms for global reach and potential royalty earnings.

AIVA assists composers in their creative projects by providing themes under various preset styles. Users can compose emotional soundtrack music from scratch or use already released songs as inspiration, tweaking and editing with AIVA to create unique compositions.

5. Orb Producer Suite 3
The Orb Producer Suite 3 is an AI plugin designed to help music producers generate professional-grade musical patterns and loops. It includes four additional plugins for melody, bassline, arpeggio, and synthesizer functionalities.

6. Soundful
Soundful is an AI program that enables users to create an unlimited amount of royalty-free music, regardless of their musical background or technical knowledge. Its user-friendly platform allows seamless music creation with various genres, moods, and instruments. Users can monetize their creations on streaming platforms or use them in films, TV, and other media.

7. Loudly
Loudly offers a vast library of 170,000 audio loops and an advanced playback engine, allowing users to freely combine and alter loops in real-time. While the platform facilitates easy music production, users should be aware of potential copyright issues with pre-existing audio loops.

8. Ecrett Music
Trained on countless hours of existing songs, Ecrett Music’s straightforward interface offers a wide selection of emotions, genres, and scenes to generate music clips. Users can easily customize instruments and track structures to craft unique compositions.

Each of these AI tools for music production presents exciting opportunities for artists to explore their creativity and push the boundaries of their musical ventures. Whether utilizing free options or secure subscriptions, AI-powered DAWs are poised to shape the future of music production.


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