A Fascinating Look at the Vinyl Record Creation Process in New Video

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A Fascinating Look at the Vinyl Record Creation Process in New Video

A captivating new video takes viewers behind the scenes to witness the intricate process of creating a vinyl record from start to finish. Shared on YouTube by Josh Doherty, one-half of the UK acid duo Posthuman, the video offers a step-by-step guide to producing their latest record, ‘Buzzing 24/7’.

The video begins by showcasing the production process for the two tracks featured on the record, including rendering and mastering. It then delves into the cutting of the lacquer, also known as a dubplate, which allows for quality control and the elimination of potential distortion.

Continuing on, the video provides an in-depth look at the pressing stage, where the record is transformed into vinyl copies ready for sale to the public. Filmed at the Mobineko pressing plant, the video highlights the use of a new pressing machine designed for short runs, aiming to alleviate the global bottleneck in vinyl production.

While vinyl has experienced a resurgence in popularity, challenges such as manufacturing delays and rising costs have posed difficulties for small, independent labels. Environmental concerns and a reevaluation of physical releases have also prompted discussions about the future of vinyl. To explore these issues further, DJ Mag’s investigation provides valuable insights.

Experience the full journey of vinyl record creation by watching the captivating video below.


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