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Under the guidance of global music icon Lee Burridge, All Day I Dream has spent the past ten years cultivating an inclusive and diverse community of “Dreamers.” They have achieved this by hosting countless day-into-night dance parties in over forty cities worldwide, along with the successful launch of the inaugural All Day I Dream festival last year.

To kick off its Summer Season, All Day I Dream will make its highly anticipated debut in Austin at The Concourse Project, the city’s premier independent music venue. The North American tour will continue with stops in New York at the iconic Brooklyn Mirage, Toronto’s historic Fort York, Denver’s Sculpture Park, Los Angeles’s Pershing Square, and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Lee and his talented roster of global artists will also return to their acclaimed residencies this season, including Scorpios and Cova Santa, which offer unparalleled day-into-night experiences on the idyllic islands of Mykonos and Ibiza. Additional destinations for stylish musical fun this season include Soho Garden Dubai, SBB Werkstadt in Zurich, and Voodoo Village in Belgium.

As one of the most influential movements in modern dance music, the ADID label continues to pioneer its own distinctive style of organic house, characterized by its emotive, melodic, and dreamy signature sound. Recent releases of note include the highly acclaimed Winter Sampler V, a collection featuring tracks from esteemed artists such as Double Touch, Limara & Dimitri Nakov, Fulltone, Arina Mur & Fluida, as well as Double Touch’s own EP titled “Storm.” Immerse yourself in the sophisticated musical curation firsthand by joining All Day I Dream this summer.

World Tour Dates

April 8 – Austin, TX – The Concourse Project
April 23 – Dubai – Soho Garden
May 20 – Los Angeles, CA – Pershing Square
June 3 – San Francisco, CA – Golden Gate Park
June 4 – New York, NY – The Brooklyn Mirage
June 8 – Mykonos – Scorpios
June 15 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
June 17 – Zurich, Switzerland- SBB Werkstadt
June 22 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
June 22 – Mykonos – Scorpios
June 29 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
July 6 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
July 13 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
July 20 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
July 22 – Toronto – Fort York
July 27 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
July 29 – Denver, CO – Sculpture Park
Aug 3 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
Aug 10 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
Aug 17 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
Aug 17 – Mykonos – Scorpios
Sept 7 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
Sept 9-Grimbergen-Voodoo Village
Sept 14 – Ibiza – Cova Santa
Sept 21 – Ibiza – Cova Santa


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