ANNA releases ‘Journey Into Intentions’, a short film from her new album

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ANNA releases ‘Journey Into Intentions’, a short film from her new album

Filmed against the breathtaking backdrop of Portugal, the captivating short film delves into ANNA’s personal odyssey, as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and heightened consciousness.

Following the release of her album ‘Intentions’, ANNA presents a mesmerizing new short film titled ‘Journey Into Intentions’.

Directed by João Marques and filmed at ANNA’s home and studio in Lisbon, the film is narrated by ANNA herself and features a soul-stirring soundtrack composed of her own music. It delves into her profound exploration of spirituality, which has not only influenced her recent ambient creations but also shaped the sonic landscape of her latest album.

ANNA shares her thoughts on the film, saying, “When we first contemplated creating a mini-documentary for the album, I had concerns about finding someone who could truly capture the essence of the album and collaborate effectively with it. I wanted to preserve the core of ‘Intentions’ and convey a profound message. That’s when I was introduced to João, and we scheduled a meeting for the following day at my studio. Right from the start, we had an instant connection, having gone through similar experiences. This connection remained strong throughout the process of making the documentary. Many times, I would approach João with an idea, only to be pleasantly surprised that he was already thinking along the same lines.”

“Not only did João perfectly capture the essence of the album, but he also expressed it beautifully through his visuals and art. As for the soundtrack, I exclusively used stems from the album. Witnessing the harmonious fusion of music and imagery, amplifying the message of ‘Intentions,’ has been nothing short of magical.”

Recorded at ANNA’s Anaweh Studio, the album offers an expansive and melodic soundscape, skillfully blending sound curation, flute melodies, and innovative synth techniques. Among its notable tracks is the spiritually inclined atmospheric piece ‘I See Miracles Everywhere,’ which effortlessly merges ANNA’s distinctive electronic prowess with sound curation. The album also features a remarkable collaboration with contemporary classical and electro-acoustic luminary East Forest, titled ‘Let You In’.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ANNA’s ‘Intentions’ as you embark on this audiovisual voyage that transcends boundaries and explores the depths of human expression.


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