Anyma Sets the Bar High with “Genesys” Album

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Anyma Sets the Bar High with “Genesys” Album

Seldom do we witness the flawless execution of a new artist or project from start to finish. In this realm, Matteo Milleri’s Anyma stands out remarkably. Anyma’s brilliance goes beyond mere marketing; his background as one-half of Tale of Us and his leadership of Afterlife Records showcase his depth. The Anyma project stands as a testament to meticulous planning, a fact evident in every detail. It’s more than just a DJ/producer’s release of energetic tracks; it’s a futuristic vision. His debut album, “Genesys,” reflects this vision in both its musical and visual aspects, and it’s stunningly coherent. It demonstrates an attention to detail and a thematic narrative that elevates it from a collection of songs to a sonic and visual journey, making it a remarkable contender for Album of the Year in 2023.

Themes and NFTs
The Anyma project delves into themes such as the integration of technology with nature, the nature of consciousness, the merging of artificial intelligence with humanity, love, and coexistence. What sets Anyma and this album apart is that each track comes with its own NFT that narrates the theme of the song. These NFT bundles include the audio track, static cover art, animated visuals, and a clip of the visuals being debuted live. Thus, each track offers a multi-layered experience that intertwines with these themes. In contrast to gimmicky NFT use, Anyma’s approach enriches the visuals and supports talented graphic artists. These NFTs, which were sold at considerable prices on NFT marketplaces, sustain visual artists who create awe-inspiring visuals showcased on giant LED walls at live performances. This means no more generic visuals – we witness true artistry. The debut of the visual for ‘Save Me’ stands as a prime example.

Anyma as an Art Form
The visuals created for Anyma are more than just cover art or concert visuals; they are elevated to fine art status. To emphasize this, Alessio de Vecchi and Anyma have presented pop-up art studios where the NFTs are showcased as true art pieces. This artistic community extends to high fashion as well. Anyma has cultivated a strong connection with the Berlin streetwear brand, Label 44.

The Musical Landscape
Beyond the thematic harmony and the innovative audiovisual dimension, the music itself is exceptional. Each track, except a few, features a collaborator who adds their unique touch while preserving Anyma’s distinctive essence. The sonic journey that began with ‘Running’ (not on the album) threads through every track, each with its own story of teaser, NFT debut, and release. In fact, ‘Consciousness,’ ‘Angel 1,’ and ‘The Sign’ found their place in our Top 10 Tracks of 2022.

Major Afterlife events witnessed the unveiling of new tracks paired with mesmerizing visuals. The album opener, ‘Eternity,’ has been the kickoff track for Tale of Us and Anyma sets since Tomorrowland 2022. Grimes made surprising live appearances alongside her collaboration, ‘Welcome to the Opera.’

“Genesys” includes tracks not previously released as singles, such as ‘Chordial,’ ‘Samsara,’ ‘Save Me,’ ‘Unearth,’ ‘Walking With A Ghost,’ and ‘The Pact.’ It’s hard to choose a favorite, but ‘Chordial’ stands out with its progressive sound. However, every track shines in its own right.

This album is free from fillers. If pressed, ‘The Answer’ might be considered my least favorite, purely due to the constraint of choice. Picking a favorite is even harder, as most tracks took turns as my favorite at various points. Personally, I adore ‘Chordial,’ ‘Syren,’ ‘Save Me,’ ‘Unearth,’ ‘Walking With a Ghost,’ ‘The Sign,’ ‘Angel 1,’ and ‘Consciousness.’ How many of these will grace our Top Tracks of 2023? I’d bet on several, and this doesn’t even include the forthcoming Rufus Du Sol collaboration, ‘You Make Me,’ on Rose Avenue Records.

Anyma anuncia fecha de lanzamiento de su álbum debut "Genesys"


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