BandLab Declares Support for Human Artistry Campaign, Advocating Ethical AI Development in Creative Industries

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BandLab Declares Support for Human Artistry Campaign, Advocating Ethical AI Development in Creative Industries

BandLab, a prominent name in music creation and collaboration, has formally announced its endorsement of the Human Artistry Campaign, an initiative devoted to upholding ethical practices in AI development within creative sectors. CEO Meng Ru Kuok confirmed this commitment during a speech at the Ai4 artificial intelligence conference.

Delivered at the renowned Ai4 2023 event held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Meng Ru Kuok’s presentation, titled “Augmenting the Artist: How AI is Redefining Music Creation and Innovation,” highlighted BandLab’s innovative SongStarter technology. This AI-powered musical idea generator is integrated into the BandLab platform, producing distinct beats, melodies, and chord progressions based on user input. Designed to nurture the creative exploration of emerging musicians, SongStarter has contributed to a remarkable 15x growth in music creation on the platform over the past year, according to BandLab.

Importantly, Meng’s presentation emphasized BandLab’s strong commitment to ethical AI training and development, making it the first music creation platform to support the Human Artistry Campaign. BandLab’s aim is to ensure that AI-driven solutions are thoughtfully developed to uplift and safeguard the interests of budding creators worldwide. This dedication reflects BandLab’s prioritization of responsible AI use, fostering human expression while propelling innovation forward.

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In the landscape of Ai4 2023, where technology takes center stage, BandLab uniquely represents music creation, underscoring the importance of the creative dimension in the AI discourse.

Established this year, the Human Artistry Campaign serves as a coalition advocating for a variety of creatives, including musicians, writers, visual artists, athletes, and more. With a current membership of 150 global participants, the organization is founded on the fundamental principle that AI can never replace the unique human spirit of creativity, demanding the preservation of human creators’ rights.

The campaign champions seven core principles outlining how AI can be harnessed responsibly to support human artistry and expression, while respecting their intrinsic value:

1. Technology empowers human expression, AI is no exception.
2. Human-created works remain vital in our lives.
3. Use of copyrighted works, as well as professional performers’ voices and likenesses, necessitates authorization and equitable market licensing.
4. Governments should not create exemptions that enable AI developers to exploit creators without consent or compensation.
5. Copyright should solely safeguard the distinctive value of human intellectual creativity.
6. Trustworthiness and transparency are vital for AI success and creator protection.
7. Creators’ interests must be represented in policymaking.

BandLab’s alignment with the Human Artistry Campaign reinforces its dedication to ethical AI practices, preserving the integral role of human creativity in the digital age.


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