Billy McFarland Declares the Arrival of Fyre Festival II: It’s Finally Happening!

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Billy McFarland Declares the Arrival of Fyre Festival II: It’s Finally Happening!

In a surprising turn of events, Billy McFarland has made a shocking announcement that Fyre Festival II is in the works. The mastermind behind the infamous and fraudulent festival took to Twitter on Sunday night to share the news, while also questioning why his followers should join him on this adventure.

Unsurprisingly, McFarland’s tweet was met with a flood of humorous and sarcastic responses. Satvik Sethi, CEO of Circle, couldn’t help but offer assistance with planning, suggesting a documentary for reference. Another user humorously pledged to bring an abundance of bananas to ensure no one goes hungry this time around. The anticipation for a documentary sequel was also expressed, and from the EDM world, Sam Feldt offered his DJing services, with BLOND:ISH reminding her colleague to secure payment upfront.

Amidst the banter, fans couldn’t help but question why McFarland wasn’t behind bars. His response stated that it was in the best interest of those he owes to be actively working, as sitting idle wouldn’t help repay the debts. He also mentioned that he had served his time.

It’s worth noting that McFarland was released from jail last year and spent some time in halfway houses. Following his release, he embarked on a new venture known as PYRT, a global treasure hunt involving the hiding of 99 bottles, each containing clues and treasures for eager participants to find.

The saga continues with McFarland, leaving us to wonder what unexpected twists lie ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding story.


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