Bitwig Unveils Studio 5 with Enhanced Features and New Pricing Structure

todayJuly 2, 2023 14

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Bitwig Unveils Studio 5 with Enhanced Features and New Pricing Structure

Bitwig has recently launched the latest version of its digital audio workstation (DAW), Bitwig Studio 5. This update introduces a range of exciting features, including expanded modulation capabilities, improved clip launching functionality, and fresh sound libraries.

One of the notable additions in Bitwig Studio 5 is the inclusion of five new multi-segment envelope generators (MSEGs). These versatile tools empower users to control not only the sounds but also the behavior of devices and plugins. With MSEGs, complex envelope shapes can be drawn and routed to various elements within the DAW, such as the mixer, offering a high degree of flexibility.

Moreover, Bitwig Studio 5 introduces improved management of user-drawn MSEGs, facilitating their application in different contexts effortlessly. Additionally, the update presents innovative methods for launching and managing clips. Similar to Ableton Live, Bitwig allows users to play specific sections of their tracks by launching clips. However, with Bitwig Studio 5, these clips can now be launched at any time, not just quantized to the end of a bar.

Furthermore, the DAW now enables users to configure it to revert to previous clips when a trigger is released. This functionality streamlines the creation of fills and organic transitions, particularly during live performances, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging experience.

In conjunction with the release of Bitwig Studio 5, Bitwig has also revamped its pricing model. Users now have the option to choose from three versions of the DAW: Essentials, Producer, and Studio. The Essentials version provides access to 40 instruments, audio and note effects, including the popular semi-modular synth Polymer, along with 10 modulators and a limited library of sounds, loops, and presets. Producer offers an expanded collection of 92 instruments, audio and note effects, and additional modulators and content. Lastly, Studio encompasses an extensive range of 154 instruments, the complete modulation system, and a comprehensive library of sounds and presets.

With the release of Bitwig Studio 5, music producers and enthusiasts can enjoy an enhanced workflow and an updated pricing structure that caters to different needs and budgets.


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