Calls for Maximum Penalties: International Nightlife Association Condemns Illegal Raves, Urges Strong Action Against Organizers

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Calls for Maximum Penalties: International Nightlife Association Condemns Illegal Raves, Urges Strong Action Against Organizers

Several countries including the UK, Spain, France, and the US have been highlighted for hosting illicit gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting the International Nightlife Association (INA) to publicly condemn such events and advocate for strict penalties against the organizers.

In response to the illegal New Year’s Eve parties held in defiance of strict gathering restrictions, the INA released a statement on their website expressing concerns. Typically, New Year’s Eve is a significant date for the nightlife industry. However, with the ongoing pandemic, the INA expressed alarm at the number of clandestine raves being planned and subsequently executed.

The INA strongly criticized the lack of health and safety measures taken at these events, citing the failure to enforce social distancing and highlighting the correlation between these gatherings and spikes in COVID-19 infections. The association went on to suggest that such parties could prolong the reopening of the live events industry.

In their official statement, the INA urged governing authorities to pursue and penalize illegal party organizers and attendees with the maximum penalties available under the law. They emphasized the severe damage caused to the reputation of the nightlife industry and the significant public health risks posed by these unauthorized events.

Specific events in the UK and Spain were singled out by the INA, with the latter lasting for 36 hours before being shut down by law enforcement. The association also referred to a rave in France attended by approximately 2,500 people and highlighted an article from the New York Post that explored the ongoing underground scene in New York City.

Ariel Palitz, Senior Executive Director of New York City’s Office of Nightlife, expressed opposition to underground parties and stressed the risks they pose to lives and the delay they cause in the resurgence of a vibrant nightlife scene.

The recent cancellation of the Grammy Awards due to the pandemic has further underscored the impact of COVID-19 on the music and nightlife industries. These sectors experienced a standstill in spring 2020 and have faced significant challenges ever since.

As the industry strives to recover, it is crucial for authorities and individuals to prioritize public health and comply with regulations to ensure a safe return to vibrant nightlife.


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