Celebrating 20 Years of Electronics at La Casa Encendida in April

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Celebrating 20 Years of Electronics at La Casa Encendida in April

La Casa Encendida commemorates its 20th anniversary with a special edition of its iconic festival: Electronica in April. This year, the celebration will feature a dual program consisting of Electronica in April and Electronica in April Extended.

Electronica in April will take place from April 13 to 16 and is curated by the Jokkoo collective for the second consecutive year. The lineup showcases artists who excel in their diverse cultural backgrounds, distinctive sonic identities, and unique approaches to creating projects inspired by their origins.

Attendees will be treated to a captivating musical journey, including the improvised site-specific noise of Lolo & Sosaku, the Galician-influenced futurism of DA ROCHA UM, the abstract and innovative exploration of electronically manipulated traditional Indian instruments by HVAD, and the reinvention of traditional East African sounds by Otim Alpha, blending traditional Acholi wedding music with computer programs, synthesizers, and electronic drum rhythms.

Producers Nkisi (London) and Wanton Witch (Borneo) will present live shows that emphasize identity, demanding a more Afrocentric and queer sound. Brazilian artist Bartira will awaken collective consciousness through performances that combine her Bahian roots with noise, storytelling, and sound art. The pace intensifies with vocalists like Ecko Bazz and his powerful Ugandan rap, and Elhesit from London, who blends hybrid electronic dancehall. The festival concludes with Sisso and Maiko, bringing the exhilarating rhythm of singeli to the dance floor, reflecting the vitality and struggle for life on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam.

Electronica in April Extended offers a departure from the previous weekend’s program. Curated by Carolina JimĂ©nez, this two-day event on April 21 and 22 aims to explore downtempo and acoustic repair. The music sustains and thrives within the collective experience of an extended, non-linear time, counteracting the dominant rhythms of musical consumption that numb our listening habits.

The program commences with a live performance by Nexcyia, guiding listeners on a sonic journey towards emancipation from Eurocentric temporal domination. Composer Kali Malone investigates the relationship between sacramental music and the popular heritage of electronic music.

Finally, Carmen Villain presents ‘Only Love From Now On,’ an album that embodies a deep sense of community and artistic trajectory. The concert by Coby Sey embraces a collaborative and open-door approach, emphasizing the collective dimension of their music-making.

La Casa Encendida’s 20th anniversary celebration promises an enriching and diverse experience, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of electronic music and pushing boundaries in artistic expression.


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