DAFT PUNK’s ‘HOMEWORK’ AND ‘DISCOVERY’ Albums Recorded in Thomas Bangalter’s Bedroom

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DAFT PUNK’s ‘HOMEWORK’ AND ‘DISCOVERY’ Albums Recorded in Thomas Bangalter’s Bedroom

In a revelation that confirms long-standing speculations, Thomas Bangalter has disclosed that the pivotal Daft Punk albums ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were indeed recorded in his bedroom.

The question of whether the duo’s debut and sophomore albums were crafted within their bedrooms has lingered for years. Bangalter has now set the record straight during an interview with Matt Everitt on his podcast, The First Time…

When asked about the myth surrounding ‘Homework’ being recorded in his bedroom, Bangalter responded, “It’s true, ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ were done in the bedroom, in the same flat as I was watching Modern Times and we had [Stevie Wonder album] ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ constantly on the turntables.”

He continued, “In this small bedroom, my parents had given me this small boombox for my 11th birthday, a JVC boombox with a little graphic equaliser, and I kept this thing.” Explaining the process, he mentioned, “One day when we plugged in a few keyboards and samplers, I found that boombox and I put it on the stack of machines. And that little boombox is what we mixed and recorded both ‘Homework’ and ‘Discovery’ on. That was the magic one.”

Released in 1997, ‘Homework’ marked the beginning of Daft Punk’s journey, while ‘Discovery’ followed in 2001. The latter was lauded by Mixmag as “the perfect non-pop pop album” and recognized for reshaping dance music’s trajectory once again.

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The interview also delves into other aspects of Daft Punk’s history, shedding light on the duo’s origins and hinting at what lies ahead for Thomas Bangalter.

In addition to these discussions, Bangalter showcases tracks from artists such as Charlie Chaplin, Paul Williams, and Stevie Wonder. This interview not only provides insights into Daft Punk’s creative process but also offers a glimpse into the musical influences that shaped their iconic sound.


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