Deezer Takes Action: New Measures to Detect and Remove AI-Generated Tracks

todayJune 6, 2023 2

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Deezer Takes Action: New Measures to Detect and Remove AI-Generated Tracks

Deezer, the streaming service, has introduced new technology aimed at detecting and removing AI-generated songs on its platform that mimic artists and popular tracks. The platform has developed software to identify “deepfaked” tracks in an effort to combat illegal and fraudulent content, as reported by the BBC.

The move comes in response to the recent surge in songs created using AI, including a viral collaborative track between Drake and The Weeknd that used AI-generated vocals of both artists. The song was removed from streaming services after Universal Music petitioned for its removal in April.

Jeronimo Folgueira, CEO of Deezer, spoke to the BBC and emphasized the pivotal moment in the music industry, stating, “We need to take a stand now.” Despite their opposition to audio mimicking, Deezer’s AI-detection technology itself was developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Folgueira argues that this is a “good use” of AI, distinguishing it from using the technology to mimic music.

Folgueira expressed his personal interest in AI bringing artists like Whitney Houston back to life to create new tracks, but stressed the importance of using AI in a manner that complies with laws, intellectual property rights, and ensures fair compensation for artists.

Deezer’s new software will tag “deepfaked” vocals, flagging them for labels, artists, and rights holders. Folgueira highlighted that they eliminate a significant number of fake artists and streams on a daily basis, and the fraudulent behavior is increasing.

In a separate incident, Spotify recently reinstated tracks from the AI generator Boomy after allegations of “fake streaming.” Boomy claims to create “original songs” using AI and had its content blocked by Spotify due to accusations of “stream manipulation.”

While some artists, like Grimes, have embraced the use of AI to create music and have even launched software to mimic their voices, the industry is striving to ensure responsible and ethical use of AI while protecting intellectual property rights.


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