Dive into the World of Adam Beyer, Hï Ibiza’s 2023 Resident

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Dive into the World of Adam Beyer, Hï Ibiza’s 2023 Resident

Hï Ibiza has unveiled an enlightening artist spotlight video featuring their celebrated resident, Adam Beyer. The Swedish maestro, renowned techno icon, and founder of Drumcode, shares insights about his journey. With a history of delivering cutting-edge techno, his weekly performances at Eric Prydz presents HOLO ïbiza, and a profound impact on the global techno scene spanning over three decades, Adam Beyer’s presence is a force to be reckoned with. This comprehensive interview delves into his early experiences in the Swedish rave scene, the future of his influential techno label, and his enduring collaboration with Eric Prydz.

Adam’s rendezvous with the world of raves commenced at the tender age of 15 in 1991, where Laurent Garnier was in command of the decks. Reflecting on his performance preferences, he expresses a fondness for sets lasting around three hours. While he crafts a well-structured beginning and end, if the synergy with the crowd is palpable, he is inclined to stretch it to five hours. Known for his expressive stage presence, Beyer’s performances are immersive journeys, designed to connect with his audience on profound levels.

What fuels Adam Beyer’s ceaseless pursuit of innovation in electronic music?
His driving force lies in advancing his sound and pushing the boundaries of the genre. This relentless pursuit has been pivotal in shaping his artistic identity, leaving no room for stagnation. He acknowledges pop music as a historical wellspring of inspiration, which he modernizes to evoke sentiment and emotion in his listeners.

With Drumcode’s impending 30th anniversary, does he foresee a shift in his perspective?
Celebrating three decades of Drumcode’s existence is a remarkable feat. Adam Beyer’s approach will continue to be guided by instinct, seeking fresh voices to evolve the Drumcode sound. However, a retrospective exploration might also be on the horizon. The interview delves into his initial encounter with Ibiza in 2001, starting with humble techno beginnings. His return in 2003, playing at Amnesia’s main room for Cocoon, felt like a homecoming.

What awaits us in the HOLO ïbiza residency?
Expect a distinct facet of his artistry that pays homage to the island’s essence and its people. The sets promise more immersive journeys and a departure from relentless beats, along with a touch of progressive sound, resonating alongside Prydz and Kristoff’s contributions.

How did Adam Beyer and Eric Prydz’s partnership originate?
Their paths intertwined in Stockholm back in 2002. Adam reminisces about releasing Prydz’s debut track on his label, True Soul. The track surfaced under Cirez D as ‘Deep Inside.’ For the full scoop, watch the captivating video below.

Adam Beyer @ Hï Ibiza - Opening season 2023 - 29.04.23 - YouTube


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