EDM: A Melodic Study Tool for High-Achieving Students

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EDM: A Melodic Study Tool for High-Achieving Students

In the fast-paced world of education, students are constantly seeking ways to optimize their academic performance while studying. Among the plethora of study tips, one intriguing trend has emerged – listening to music during learning sessions, specifically EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

Surprisingly, nearly 50% of high-GPA students have turned to EDM as their study companion. The diverse and unique nature of EDM, with its various genres and sub-genres, offers a range of options for students. Listening to chill types of EDM creates a relaxed and focused atmosphere, preparing students to excel in their studies. Some of the most popular artists that students prefer during study sessions include ODESZA, DROELE, and Aphex Twin.

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Recent studies have shed light on the strong correlation between listening to EDM and academic performance. CollegeRover conducted a survey, analyzing study playlists through Spotify’s API. The results revealed that lofi and EDM were among the top genres that led to higher academic achievement. Notably, songs without lyrics were preferred during study sessions, making artists like ODESZA a popular choice due to their melodic and lyric-light compositions. The dynamic rhythms of certain EDM artists help students maintain their momentum during lengthy study periods. Additionally, listening to EDM serves as a stress-management tool, providing relief during overwhelming moments.

As the academic environment evolves, so do the study habits of high-achieving students. The rise of EDM as a study aid reflects how young minds are exploring various approaches to enhance their academic success. Artists like ODESZA, DROELE, and Aphex Twin continue to be favored for their soothing and impactful melodies. Other emerging artists, such as Lane 8 and Le Youth with their melodic progressive house, are also gaining popularity as study companions. However, it is important to note that while EDM works wonders for some students, it may not be the ideal choice for others, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s also beneficial to take breaks from music while studying to give the ears some rest. But once the studying is done, students can always return to their favorite EDM artists. Whether it’s the calming melodies or the absence of lyrics, EDM’s positive impact on high-achieving students is likely to continue as an effective tool for academic success.


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