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SUBURBIA Edition | White Dove, May 18

today May 18, 2024my_locationTo be announcounced same day on ticket holders

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    SUBURBIA Edition | White Dove


    Peace – Love – Unity – Respect








    Read our announcement! What happened to SUBURBIA!


    Suburbia is reborn, we are creating a brand new white canvas in order to draw our new experiences, feelings and emotions.

    We will celebrate originality and purity, diversity and freedom this time without masks, just by being ourselves. Our real selves!


    Dress code: Total white!

    It can be anything your imagination can create, just in white colour. Be creative!

    Suburbia is a temple of freedom, a place to express yourself freely in a safe environment with other like-minded party-goers without the fear to be judged.

    Come to lose yourself in your own world feeling out the rhythm and vibe. Our dancefloor is a celebration of love, expression, acceptance, and community. We want you to come and party with family, friends, lovers, everyone is welcomed in our house.

    Age, body type, faith, colour, race & gender, is no matter to us. Everybody is equal on the dancefloor.

    We support empowering your soul, create your true self, embrace your body and share your freedom.


    Our Rules

    Peace – Love – Unity – Respect is our first rule.

    Be brave and express yourself.

    Always look up and be kind with each other.

    We do not accept any kind of phobia at our home.

    Don’t judge others.

    Always ask for permission cuz you freedom ends where the others begins.

    Keep clean every space, we want everyone to feel like home.

    If you see someone having a bad behaviour, please contact the crew.

    And don’t forget, the dancefloor is our temple.



    Suburbia is a music society, connecting like-minded individuals — people who share similar values in terms of music, cultures and interests, with the goal to establish strong bonds and build member loyalty.

    Suburbia was originally created before the pandemic, with the scope of filming events in non-ordinary venues, aiming to promote remarkable locations of Greece and the electronic music scene in our country.

    Each Suburbia edition has a unique identity, its own theme & dress code, a specific guest list, and a secret location, revealed only to the participants on the same day of the vent. . All editions are carefully designed, with hand-made costumes, creative hand- sculpted theme decors, unique sound & light effects, and fresh electronic music selections.

    The whole philosophy behind Suburbia is based on the brand’s motto “A music society of dreamers and doers”
    Our fully booked editions are the strong proof that the Athenian crowd just love the unique opportunity of custom-made events, specially designed to exceed their expectations and always in line with the global music trends.

    We aim high, so each edition is based on International Music Event Standards. Every time we offer something new to our audience, none of the editions are similar to each other, nothing is repeated and that’s what makes the difference.. that’ s what creates all the excitement!



    Welcome to the originality!


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    Begin May 18, 2024 H 20:00
    End May 19, 2024 H 04:00
    Location To be announcounced same day on ticket holders
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