Exploring the Relationship Between AI and Music: Fears and Benefits

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Exploring the Relationship Between AI and Music: Fears and Benefits

The relationship between AI and music has been a subject of much discussion and debate. As AI technology continues to advance rapidly, it raises concerns about the potential elimination of the human element from various aspects of the music industry. Recently, Rolling Stone’s podcast, Music Now, featured guests David Guetta and Vernon Reid, shedding light on the benefits and challenges of using AI in music creation and its impact on artists.

David Guetta, known for his innovative approach to music, addressed the use of AI in a viral clip where he performed using an AI-generated Eminem voice. He clarified that it was not for commercial gain but rather to initiate a conversation about AI’s role in music. With advancements like MusicLM and, artists now have tools to create entirely new songs with ease. However, Guetta emphasized that AI alone cannot guarantee good music; skill and talent remain crucial in producing exceptional tracks.

AI-generated music is officially a hit — how will it change the music  industry? | The Hill

For Guetta, AI serves as another tool to enhance music production. He illustrated how artists can use AI to create demos and pitch songs to other artists by replicating their vocals. Guetta firmly believes that in the end, it is the artist’s talent and choice that determine a track’s success. While AI-generated music can be average, good, or bad, the artist’s discernment remains essential.

On the other hand, Vernon Reid expressed some concerns about AI in music. He pointed out that AI can generate lyrics or melodies that even legends like Stevie Wonder have never written. While AI may excel at certain aspects of music creation, Reid believes that certain elements, such as bending notes or doing vibratos, require physical actions that AI cannot replicate.

Reid’s primary worry is the potential removal of the artist from the music creation process. He questioned the possibility of music streaming services creating completely artificial artists, manipulating their identities and biographies for popularity without any human involvement.

The introduction of AI in music production has undoubtedly revolutionized the industry, but it also poses ethical and artistic challenges. The views presented by artists like David Guetta and Vernon Reid offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of music creation in an AI-driven world, sparking crucial conversations that will shape the future of music.

As AI technology continues to evolve, its impact on the music industry remains a fascinating topic to explore, with artists playing a significant role in navigating the challenges and potential benefits of this technological advancement.


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