Free Melodic Techno Samples: 3K+ Sounds For Afterlife-Inspired Productions

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Free Melodic Techno Samples: 3K+ Sounds For Afterlife-Inspired Productions

Over the last decade, especially post-COVID, melodic techno has proved to be one of the fastest-growing genres within dance music. Labels like Afterlife, Stil Vor Talent, and Diynamic have climbed up the ranks and now feature some of the most prominent artists on the planet.

Adjoined to the meteoric rise of melodic techno is an explosion of up-and-coming producers who are aiming to be the next ARTBAT, Camelphat, or Adriatique, cementing their name in the history books of this hypnotic genre. Some of these producers have the financial means to buy whatever sample pack and online training course they desire.

If you are like me, finding cost-effective ways to level up your production is essential. Scouring for hours on end through YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Reddit, and Google, I found the best free melodic techno samples with a clean sound.  Rather than going through a bunch of trial & error yourself, we at Magnetic Mag are always happy to provide these resources and expand the network of dance music producers.


This incredible free sample library is a true blessing for those involved in organic house production. Many critical elements in this genre cross over to melodic techno and can be used throughout your tracks. Despite its compact size, it is filled with percussions, loops, and one-shots that resonate naturally and authentically.

What sets this pack apart is its unique and earthy quality and distinctive dusty texture. These sounds can be used directly as drum hits or layered with modern and punchy samples, adding a new level of atmospheric depth to your tracks.

However, the most remarkable feature of this pack is its meticulously designed kick drums. These kicks, explicitly created for the organic, melodic house, and melodic techno producers, save you the tiresome and never-ending search for the perfect drum sounds. They possess an unparalleled warmth, weight, and textured density that seamlessly blend into your mix, enabling you to produce lush and captivating tracks effortlessly.

This isn’t just an ordinary sample pack. It is the equivalent of having a key that unlocks the vast possibilities of organic house and melodic techno production. Its focus on texture, punch, warmth, and atmospheric depth makes it an invaluable asset for producers looking to create mesmerizing sonic landscapes.

Download Natural Cadence Volume 1 For FREE 


Another very solid option, take your production to new heights with this exceptional sample pack. Filled with texture, impact, warmth, and ambiance, this collection is expertly curated by David Hohme, the idolized Anjunadeep producer and label boss of Where The Heart Is Records. Discover the cherished percussion samples that have shaped his acclaimed productions.

This pack goes far beyond a basic arrangement of drum sounds. It is a comprehensive sonic resource, bursting with powerful kicks, crisp claps, dynamic percussion, and cutting-edge hats. Each component is designed to infuse your house music with depth and energy. Every sample in this pack is hand-selected and processed to enhance its natural warmth and texture, ensuring an unmistakable organic vibe.

However, Heart Beat Samples is more than just a sample pack; this is a hidden treasure for melodic techno and organic house producers. It radiates an infectious atmosphere and soundscapes that breathe life into your productions. Dive confidently into the world of melodic techno projects, supported by the quality and authenticity of this amazing collection.

Download David Hohme’s Heart Beat Samples For FREE

MELODIC TECHNO & HOUSE — HOT GROOVES is your ultimate destination for premium, high-quality music samples. Offering a vast library of meticulously crafted loops and sounds across various genres, this website caters to music producers, DJs, and artists seeking inspiration.

While nearly all of Hot Grooves’ sample packs come at a cost, their ‘Melodic Techno & House’ mini pack is available for free download on SoundCloud. It is a more miniature representation of the $20 version on their website but still has 40MB of mind-bending sounds.

Artists like Artbat, Space Motion, Camelphat, Meduza, Gordon City, Vintage Culture, Monolink, and Tale of Us inspire this pack. It includes record label such as Afterlife Records, Space Motion Records, Anjunadeep, and Upperground. 100% royalty-free and overflowing with a clap, bass, hi-hat loops, and more, the ‘Melodic Techno & House’ mini pack is a great weapon for your production arsenal.

Download Hot Grooves’ ‘Melodic Techno & House’ Mini Pack For FREE 


The samples and presets from Production Music Live offer producers a versatile toolkit for creating melodic techno tracks. With these resources, producers can construct a punchy kick, develop a resonating bassline, and integrate various elements such as hi-hats, shakers, and an ARP track. These tools expedite the music creation process and allow producers to add depth and detail to their compositions.

Moreover, these samples facilitate more complex techniques such as layering, effects addition, and track arrangement. The ability to build drums, create a buildup, and use humanizing presets broadens the creative landscape for producers. Integrating subtle elements like droplet sounds and filter plugins further enhances the richness of the tracks. These resources empower producers to realize their unique musical visions efficiently, transforming their tracks from ordinary to extraordinary.

Download FL Academy for Melodic & Techno’s Samples For FREE 


A leading online platform for music producers and audio enthusiasts, The Audio Bar provides a wide range of curated sample packs, presets, plugins, and tutorials; this platform encompasses the tools and knowledge to enhance your music production skills.

One of the resources that this site is renowned for is its sample library. CAVE is a free melodic techno sample pack by The Audio Bar. The royalty-free pack includes 36 hand-crafted loops ranging from drums, bass, and melodies.

Listen to the preview via the SoundCloud link below (which radiates Afterlife vibes) then click free download. From there, you must add the pack to your cart and check out; no card information is required, just your email, name, and phone number.

Download The Audio Bar’s CAVE Sample Pack For FREE 


Sample Focus is a game-changing platform that empowers music producers to access a vast collection of free samples and boost their production value. Sample Focus contains an extensive library for musical innovators to explore and incorporate into their tracks, from drums and percussion to synths and vocals.

The intuitive search functionality and tagging system make it easy to find the perfect sound, while the user-friendly interface allows for seamless browsing and downloading.

When I searched ‘melodic techno’, only three free samples popped up (all of which sound dope by the way). But typing in ‘melodic house’, ‘techno’, and ‘progressive house’, I discovered many samples and loops that apply to melodic techno.

The link below will bring you to where you can set up a free account on Sample Focus (name, email, and password or ‘Continue with Google or Facebook’) and start downloading right away.

Check Out Sample Focus And Download Melodic Techno-based Samples For FREE 


The tutorial on creating melodic techno in the style of Franky Wah presents a wealth of resources, including a free project file, presets, and samples. It reveals detailed techniques such as creating a fat kick and bass, developing vocal tracks, constructing arpeggios, and adding an old-school rave piano.

This invaluable kit permits producers to emulate Franky Wah’s style and infuse their unique touches, ensuring their productions stand out.

Check Out EDM Tip’s MELODIC TECHNO Ableton Project & Samples 

Franky Wah Live From Ibiza | Ministry of Sound - YouTube


Believe it or not, many tutorials on YouTube on how to make melodic techno will often give you free access to all the sounds they used in the video. Sometimes, they even come with a free MIDI pack, like this instructional video on how to make a melodic techno track from scratch.

Going this route when finding free samples is a secret tactic that only a handful of up-and-coming melodic techno producers know. Not only will you receive training and knowledge if you watch the video, but you can download all the free samples and presets seen throughout it.

Check Out FL Academy For Melodic And Techno’s ‘Track From Scratch’ Tutorial And Download Its Samples/Presets For FREE 


One of the best resources to find free sample packs is Bandcamp. The platform operates in a way where producers can offer up their packs for ‘name your price’ to the site’s users. While some charge an exact price for their creations, others use this function which technically means you can download these packs for free.

One of the packs that fits this criteria is Sofamusik’s ‘Raw and Melodic’ pack. Whether you want to toss a couple of bucks to Sofamusik to show appreciation is entirely up to you.

This free library of production tools contains many loops ranging from 128 to 121 bpm (with their bpm and keys labeled). The loops fall into the select categories of bassline, drones, kicks, synths, and sequenced synths. Adding this to your collection will enable you to push sonic boundaries with its hefty supply of cyber-esque melodic techno samples.

Download Sofamusik’s Raw and Melodic Techno Samples For FREE


The forward-thinking electronic music label Diode Eins is at the forefront of the underground scene. With the mission on breaking sonic barriers and showcasing emerging talent, Diode Eins delivers a diverse range of cutting-edge techno and experimental sounds. Their releases embody a fusion of hypnotic rhythms, intricate melodies, and atmospheric textures, captivating listeners and professional DJs alike.

Specializing in melodic and dark techno, it seems only right that Diode Eins has dropped a sample pack featuring the sounds from their immersive debut album, SignalBesides loops and samples they took from the mixed stems, you will also find plenty of Serum presets and MIDI files in this pack.

Since all songs have been professionally mixed and mastered, you can be sure that every wav file is 100% mix-ready. Just drag them into your DAW (Logic, FL studio, Ableton, etc) and you are ready to go without worrying about further processing. To top things off, you can access the entire Signal album in wav quality for free.

Download Diode Eins’ ‘Signal’ Cosmic Techno Sample Pack For FREE

Diode Eins Spins a Perfect Mix for the Fall Months | EDM Identity


audioreakT is a cutting-edge audio technology company that develops innovative audio processing and analysis solutions. Their advanced tools and software empower musicians, sound engineers, and audio enthusiasts to explore new creative possibilities, enhance audio quality, and achieve exceptional results.

It makes complete sense that this brand’s free melodic techno pack would be a go-to option for rising producers. Made for utilization on Ableton Live, this is a prime starter pack to rev up your forthcoming releases. It also has spellbinding MIDI files for melodic techno bass and 12 MIDI Tom Patterns.

Simply add it to your cart and go to checkout to take advantage of this sample collection. With audioreakT’s Melodic Techno Bass sample pack, the future aspirations of your musical journey are within reach.

Download audioreakT’s Melodic Techno Bass Pack For FREE


Forged by Static Records and presented by Rekonise, this free sample pack is guaranteed to grow your library of percussion soundscapes for melodic techno. Recognise is a dynamic music recognition and discovery platform designed to revolutionize how we interact with music. With its intuitive interface and extensive database, this site is the ultimate tool for music enthusiasts to explore, discover, and connect with the samples and songs that resonate with them.

To download this sample pack, you must subscribe to Static Records on YouTube and like the video for the kit, which Rekonise easily guides you to complete. After these two basic tasks, you will have full access to the pack and can use it however you see fit. Feel free to watch the YouTube video to get a preview of what is featured in the pack.

Download Rekonise’s Melodic Techno Drum Kit 2021 For FREE

Source: Connor Phillips — Magnetic Mag


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