Grammy Awards Open Eligibility to AI-Generated Music

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Grammy Awards Open Eligibility to AI-Generated Music

Recent guideline changes by The Recording Academy now allow AI-created music to be eligible for nomination at the Grammy Awards, reflecting the evolving music industry.

The revised rules state that music containing AI-created elements can be considered for nomination, as long as human creators make a meaningful contribution. The Recording Academy aims to ensure that technology enhances and complements human creativity rather than replacing it entirely. Consequently, AI-generated music will be eligible for songwriting categories if it features an AI or voice modelling program as the lead vocal, but not for performance categories, as it is not considered human creation.

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The decision to include AI-generated music in the Grammy Awards comes after extensive research and discussions within the industry. The Recording Academy has recognized the growing use of AI technology in music production and seeks to embrace its role while upholding the value of human creativity.

Although it remains uncertain whether AI-generated tracks will be nominated in the upcoming awards cycle, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. acknowledged the likelihood of submissions featuring AI technology and expressed openness to their consideration.

The changes in Grammy guidelines demonstrate a willingness to adapt to the changing landscape of music creation and recognize the significant impact of AI in the industry.


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