Grimes Introduces Revolutionary AI Software that Mimics Your Voice and Offers Shared Copyright

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Grimes Introduces Revolutionary AI Software that Mimics Your Voice and Offers Shared Copyright

Grimes has exciting news to share with her fans as she unveils two new tracks titled “Music for Machines” and “I Wanna Be Software.” In the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has sparked discussions and debates within the music industry, Grimes has taken a unique approach to embrace this technology.

Recent weeks saw the emergence of an AI-generated single featuring digitally replicated voices resembling those of Drake and The Weeknd, causing artists and record labels to grapple with the implications of this new reality. Unlike many in the industry, Grimes welcomes the presence of artificial intelligence in music and holds a strong belief that there are too many constraints placed on the creative process. She expresses her thoughts, stating, “Copyright is bullshit. Art is a conversation with all who have come before us. Intertwining it with the ego is a modern concept. The music industry has been defined by lawyers, and that strangles creativity.”

In a bold move, Grimes took to her social media platforms to announce that she is willing to offer her voice for use by other artists and producers. She even extended an enticing offer of a 50% share of the copyright for these productions. Collaborating with Elf Tech, she has now released software that allows users to sing into the program, converting their recordings into her distinct voice. As this innovative process unfolds, Grimes and her team are actively exploring additional opportunities for sharing revenues.

“We propose a 50% royalty share of the master recordings in exchange for a feature and distribution by Grimes,” she explains. “While we cannot guarantee post-production earnings at the moment, we are working towards securing such possibilities. I sincerely wish we could, as it would be fantastic.”

Grimes’ forward-thinking approach and willingness to embrace AI technology open up new avenues for creative expression and financial collaboration within the music industry. Fans and artists alike can look forward to the fascinating developments that lie ahead.


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