Hotboxx Energizes with New Track ‘My Thing’ from Vampire Sex EP

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Hotboxx Energizes with New Track ‘My Thing’ from Vampire Sex EP

Hotboxx is back, unleashing ‘My Thing’ from the latest Vampire Sex EP, ‘Look Into My Eyes’. This House anthem, released through Whoyostro, promises to keep the dance floors alive and buzzing.

The Rise of Hotboxx in Electronic Dance Music

With his distinctive sound and style, Hotboxx has been ascending the ranks of the Electronic Dance music scene. Over a decade of honing his skills has made his talent and dedication unmistakable.

A Journey of Musical Evolution

Through his vibrant productions, engaging episodes of ‘All The Smoke’, and electrifying DJ sets, Hotboxx’s unique funk-infused sound continues to grow. His global fan base expands as he garners acclaim and recognition worldwide.

Dynamic Duo: Hotboxx and Vampire Sex

Following their earlier successful collaborations, Hotboxx and Vampire Sex have teamed up again. Their new offering, ‘My Thing’, blends their distinct musical styles into a lively and irresistible track.

Diving into ‘My Thing’

‘My Thing’ invites listeners on a captivating sonic adventure. It begins with a gradual build-up, leading to an energetic climax. The track features soulful vocals, rhythmic beats, and vibrant guitar riffs, crafting a House music experience that’s both infectious and welcoming.

A Glimpse of Miami’s Musical Diversity

This collaboration showcases the rich, diverse culture of Miami’s music scene. ‘My Thing’ serves as a perfect example of the dynamic creativity thriving in the area.

Stay Updated with Hotboxx

For the latest news, follow him on social media. He continues to make significant strides in House music, promising more exhilarating productions ahead.

Immerse in the Vibrant Beats of ‘My Thing’

Dive into ‘My Thing’, now streaming on Whoyostro White Label. Available for streaming and download, this track is a must-listen for House music enthusiasts. The latest collaboration with Vampire Sex on ‘My Thing’ reflects his ongoing evolution in the Electronic Dance music landscape. As he ventures further, his contributions continue to energize and inspire the global music community.

Listen to the track here.

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