Iconic Church Featured on The Chemical Brothers’ 1998 Album Cover Receives Protected Status

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Iconic Church Featured on The Chemical Brothers’ 1998 Album Cover Receives Protected Status

The Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Harlow, Essex, has transcended its religious significance to become a musical and architectural icon. Recognizable to fans of electronic dance music, this architectural gem, characterized by its modernist design, brick and concrete composition, and towering needle spire, famously graced the cover of The Chemical Brothers’ seminal album “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” in 1998, as reported by The Guardian.

Yet, its newfound acclaim is not solely tied to its album cover appearance. Through collaboration between the UK government and Historic England, the church has been granted the prestigious Grade II* listing. This designation is reserved for structures of exceptional historical and architectural importance, signifying a commitment to safeguarding this unique landmark for future generations.

Chemical Brothers - Brothers Gonna Work It Out [track 5 part 1] - YouTube

Contrary to popular belief, the Grade II* listing isn’t primarily due to its cameo on The Chemical Brothers’ album cover. Instead, it’s the church’s extraordinary fusion of innovation, design, and spirituality that sets it apart. The groundbreaking circular layout, featuring a freestanding altar at its center, provides a panoramic view for its 500 seats. Vibrant stained glass windows envelop the interior, creating a captivating interplay of light and color.

Describing the experience, Clare Price of the C20 Society told The Guardian that entering the church feels like stepping into a dynamic kaleidoscope of colors—a sentiment likely shared by countless visitors and worshippers.

The decision to grant Grade II* status, as outlined by The Guardian, underscores the church’s architectural significance and its evolving role as a spiritual and cultural hub. This recognition celebrates not only its historical value but also its ongoing contribution to the architectural and cultural landscape.

In the realm of music, The Chemical Brothers have announced a headline DJ set scheduled for October at the esteemed Amnesia Ibiza, according to The Guardian. The duo also provided insights into their upcoming tenth album, “For That Beautiful Feeling,” set to release in September. Additionally, The Guardian reports that The Chemical Brothers are unveiling their first official book, “Paused in Cosmic Reflection,” slated for an October 26 release through White Rabbit. This highly anticipated book promises an encompassing retrospective of the duo’s 30-year career, offering personal insights and collaborative stories, as highlighted in The Guardian’s coverage.


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