Introducing MIXO: The Ultimate Music Library App for Seamless Playlist Management

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Introducing MIXO: The Ultimate Music Library App for Seamless Playlist Management

MIXO, the newly launched platform/app, is set to revolutionize playlist management across devices. With its comprehensive set of capabilities, it aims to provide DJs and music enthusiasts with an alternative to traditional music apps like iTunes and Apple Music.


  • DJ-Specific Tools: MIXO offers a range of dedicated features for DJs, including waveforms, beat-grid editing, hot cues, loops, and advanced playlist management. DJs have full control over their music organization, enabling them to edit tracks, update playlists, and add cue points on the go or in the studio, with all changes automatically synced across devices.
  • Seamless Mobile/Desktop Integration: MIXO’s integration with both mobile and desktop platforms sets it apart. It works flawlessly with all major DJ software, providing compatibility and ease of use for DJs on their phones and laptops.
  • Offline Availability: DJs can download tracks for offline use, giving them the freedom to manage their music library anywhere. They can curate and edit playlists, modify track cue points, and update track metadata, including star ratings and comments, all from their mobile devices.
  • Visual Representation: MIXO enhances the user experience by visually showcasing album artwork on all synced devices, adding a touch of visual appeal to the music library.
  • Software Compatibility: MIXO seamlessly integrates with popular DJ software such as Traktor, Cross DJ, Virtual DJ, Engine Prime, Deckadance, Ultramixer, iTunes, Serato, Mixxx, Rekordbox, and djay. DJs can export their music while retaining all custom metadata effortlessly.

Replacing iTunes for DJs is no small feat, but MIXO aims to offer a smoother, more efficient, and simpler experience. The platform needs to keep its integrations up to date with multiple DJ software platforms to maintain its appeal and usability.

MIXO’s mobile app empowers DJs to manage their libraries from anywhere, while its integration with cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Google Drive ensures seamless library syncing and automatic online backups. DJs can integrate their personal library, cues, loops, and playlists into popular DJ software, all under one account.

MIXO sets a new standard for music library management, catering specifically to the needs of DJs and music enthusiasts. With its intuitive features and cross-device compatibility, it empowers DJs to take control of their music organization like never before.


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