KOMA Delivers Innovation: Berlin Company Unveils Latest Iteration of the Komplex Instrument

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KOMA Delivers Innovation: Berlin Company Unveils Latest Iteration of the Komplex Instrument

The highly versatile 16-channel analog sequencer is making a long-awaited comeback, much to the delight of musicians and producers.

Originally created by Berlin-based boutique company KOMA in 2015, this powerful sequencer quickly gained acclaim. Unfortunately, due to component shortages, production had to be halted in 2020. However, as global supply chains gradually recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, KOMA has successfully manufactured a new batch of this beloved machine. Orders are now open, and the first shipment is scheduled for September.

The Komplex sequencer is a remarkable instrument centered around four fully-featured, 16-step event generators capable of communicating MIDI and CV/Gate signals. These four sequencers can be daisy-chained, forming an expansive 64-step sequencer. With its dedicated sliders, buttons, and knobs for each control, the Komplex eliminates the need for screens or sub-menus, offering a straightforward and intuitive user experience.

Featuring an 87-point patch bay, every aspect of the sequencer can be skillfully routed, and it readily accepts controlled voltage signals. Additionally, it incorporates a seven-bank CV recorder, capable of outputting up to five banks simultaneously.

The Komplex sequencer was specifically designed as the ultimate solution for controlling large and intricate modular setups in the simplest manner possible. Its instant popularity among modular musicians was undeniable. However, due to the component shortages faced in 2020, KOMA regretfully announced the discontinuation of production. Consequently, the prices of these sequencers on the second-hand market skyrocketed, as no other company could offer a similarly comprehensive alternative.

The newly produced batch of Komplex sequencers boasts a few updates. Notably, the transpose CV input now affects the MIDI notes produced by the sequencer as well. It’s worth noting that the new run comes at a slightly higher price, approximately 30 percent more expensive than the initial release.

For a detailed demonstration of KOMA’s impressive Komplex sequencer, we recommend watching their informative video. Don’t miss the chance to rediscover the capabilities of this exceptional analog sequencer.


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