Laidback Luke Offers Insightful Critique to YouTuber’s DJ Journey

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Laidback Luke Offers Insightful Critique to YouTuber’s DJ Journey

In the realm of social media and influence, opportunities to challenge traditional career paths and reach new audiences abound. Recently, YouTuber Cody Ko embarked on a quest to become a professional DJ to showcase what he believed to be the ease of the journey. Laidback Luke, a seasoned DJ, felt compelled to respond to Ko’s adventure.

Cody Ko’s journey into professional DJing received attention, especially when he enlisted the help of his friend Dillon Francis. He cited celebrities turned DJs like Shaquille O’Neal and Paris Hilton as examples, suggesting that transitioning to DJing was straightforward. However, Laidback Luke offered a nuanced perspective.

Laidback Luke pointed out that Cody Ko’s already substantial YouTube following and his friendship with Dillon Francis provided him with a significant advantage that most aspiring artists do not enjoy at the outset of their careers. He also clarified that Shaq had a long history in DJing, extending back to the 90s, and that Paris Hilton had a genuine love for electronic music.

Cody Ko gracefully accepted the criticism and admitted that he had not thoroughly researched his choice of celebrity DJs to critique. He acknowledged his mistake in using Shaq as an example without understanding Shaq’s substantial history in the music scene.

Ko also addressed the critique he received regarding his access to bookings, acknowledging that it might not be as easy for emerging DJs to secure gigs. He understood the frustration of budding DJs trying to build their names while he, with his existing popularity, could simply book a gig.

In the comments, Laidback Luke expressed his surprise at Ko’s response and suggested a podcast to delve deeper into the topic. He also commended Ko for sharing his passion for DJing and expressed gratitude for the discussion.

The exchange between Cody Ko and Laidback Luke highlights the complexities of the DJing profession and the challenges faced by emerging artists in the industry.


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