Meta Introduces AI Tool for Music Creation Based on Text Prompts

todayAugust 3, 2023 14

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Meta Introduces AI Tool for Music Creation Based on Text Prompts

Meta has unveiled a novel artificial intelligence (AI) application that empowers marketers to produce music using textual prompts. The innovative AudioCraft system utilizes three models—AudioGen, EnCodec, and MusicGen—to craft authentic sound effects, compression, and musical compositions. Meta maintains full ownership and licensing rights over the music utilized to train MusicGen.

By harnessing AI to craft music, marketers gain access to an endless array of instantly generated samples, potentially saving substantial time. This approach eliminates the need for hiring and compensating musicians, thus also cutting costs.

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While the notion of time and cost savings may entice advertisers, several crucial aspects should be contemplated before embracing AI-driven music and sound creation. Some artists have accused tech giants of infringing upon their intellectual property rights during AI training. Notably, Google recently faced a lawsuit alleging content theft for AI training. Any copyright conflicts could prove highly problematic for advertising, carrying significant financial implications.

Furthermore, if numerous brands adopt AI for music and sound production, the resulting compositions might lack originality, making it challenging for campaigns to stand out. Such issues could negatively impact engagement, subsequently affecting conversion rates.


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