Mexican City to Impose Fines on Live Performances Deemed “Misogynistic” in Response to Gender-Based Violence

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Mexican City to Impose Fines on Live Performances Deemed “Misogynistic” in Response to Gender-Based Violence

Chihuahua, a city in northern Mexico, has taken a significant step in addressing gender-based violence by announcing hefty fines for live performers using “misogynistic” lyrics. As the country faces a surge in gender-related crimes with 10 women and girls being killed daily, the city is cracking down on safety measures for women.

Under the new regulations, musicians using lyrics that discriminate against women or promote their denigration, marginalization, or exclusion will be subjected to fines of up to 1.2 million pesos (£56,000). This measure aims to curb the prevalence of songs that perpetuate violence and discrimination against women at a time of heightened concern.

Chihuahua’s Mayor, Marco Bonilla, highlighted the alarming statistics of domestic violence, with seven out of 10 emergency calls being related to such incidents. While acknowledging the importance of freedom of speech, the mayor emphasized that imposing fines might discourage performers from using discriminatory and degrading lyrics. The collected levies will be directed towards supporting shelters for abused women and implementing violence prevention programs.

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The decision to enforce fines on misogynistic performances was unanimously approved by the city council of Chihuahua, aligning with human rights laws and prioritizing the safety and dignity of women and girls. Mayor Bonilla emphasized the urgency of addressing the alarming levels of violence against women, considering it as approaching pandemic levels, and stressed that normalization of such behavior cannot be allowed.

This move follows Chihuahua’s previous efforts to ban songs glorifying drug crime due to the surge in drug-related violence during the 2010s. Notably, a well-known Mexican band, Los Tigres del Norte, faced a ban in 2012 for songs believed to celebrate drug trafficking and was later fined in 2017 for the same reason.

By taking a strong stance against misogyny in live performances, Chihuahua aims to foster a safer and more respectful environment for all its residents, particularly women and girls who deserve to live free from fear and violence.


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