New Vinyl Pressing Plant Opens in Berlin, Promises Relief to Supply Crisis

todayApril 4, 2023 3

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New Vinyl Pressing Plant Opens in Berlin, Promises Relief to Supply Crisis

Berlin welcomes the opening of a new pressing plant as OBJECTS Manufacturing launches in the Oberschöneweide neighborhood. With the aim of providing some relief to the supply crisis in vinyl record manufacturing, founders Daniel Plasch and Jeremy Guillot are excited to oversee the full vinyl production process and offer a range of services to simplify the pressing process for labels.

OBJECTS Manufacturing boasts an in-house electroplating/stamper manufacturing team and expects turnaround times of approximately ten weeks. The founders recognized that many labels rely on distributors for guidance, but believe that working directly with the pressing plant can save time and money. They are committed to providing expertise and consulting to help labels navigate every step of the record production journey, from choosing mastering engineers to advising on artwork options and selecting the right music distributor.

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In addition to their focus on supporting labels, Plasch and Guillot have embraced a “green agenda” that prioritizes sustainability and waste reduction. The complete factory has been engineered with new and energy-efficient machinery, and a closed-circle cooling and steam generating system allows for the reuse of excess steam. The PVC used in production is manufactured without heavy metals and in an environmentally friendly manner. With a 0 percent PVC waste policy, every PVC waste is recycled into new records through their granulator machines.

While acknowledging that the vinyl pressing business may not be inherently eco-friendly, OBJECTS Manufacturing is proud to take a more sustainable approach and hopes to drive industry-wide change. By combining their expertise in vinyl production with a commitment to environmental responsibility, the founders are eager to make a positive impact in the vinyl manufacturing landscape.


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