NightSchool: Empowering Emerging Nightlife Curators with EU Funding

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NightSchool: Empowering Emerging Nightlife Curators with EU Funding

Cultivating Creativity: €75,000 Grant Supports Next Generation of Nightlife Visionaries

NightSchool, an innovative EU-funded program, is set to revolutionize the nightlife culture scene by offering substantial support to emerging curators. With a generous grant of €75,000, this initiative aims to empower and nurture the next generation of culture curators across Europe. Funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe, NightSchool is a beacon of opportunity for 15 selected participants who will each receive €5,000 to fuel their creative endeavors

The launch of NightSchool by VibeLab marks a significant milestone in the realm of cultural empowerment. This program not only provides financial support but also offers invaluable expertise and training to help participants thrive in the dynamic world of nightlife curation. By fostering talent and innovation, NightSchool is poised to shape the future of night culture across Europe
Five prominent European nightlife establishments have joined forces to spearhead this initiative, underscoring a collaborative effort to uplift and support emerging curators. Through this collective endeavor, NightSchool aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures creativity, diversity, and excellence within the nightlife industry. The fusion of resources and expertise from these key players promises a transformative impact on the cultural landscape
As NightSchool paves the way for aspiring curators to realize their creative visions, the ripple effects of this EU-funded program are expected to resonate throughout Europe’s nightlife scene. By investing in talent and providing a platform for innovation, NightSchool stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and support in fostering a vibrant and sustainable cultural environment.

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