OPUS-QUAD Integrates Serato DJ Pro for Enhanced Performance and Playability

todayJuly 26, 2023 15

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OPUS-QUAD Integrates Serato DJ Pro for Enhanced Performance and Playability

In an exciting development for DJs and music enthusiasts, the OPUS-QUAD all-in-one DJ system has officially announced its support for Serato DJ Pro. This collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for users, providing seamless integration between the OPUS-QUAD hardware and Serato DJ Pro software.

With a simple USB connection to a PC or Mac running Serato DJ Pro, the OPUS-QUAD becomes a powerful tool for DJs to explore their music library. The screen of the OPUS-QUAD allows users to effortlessly browse through their music collection within the Serato DJ Pro interface. DJs can now scratch tracks, manipulate Hot Cues, apply effects, and much more, all through the evolved interface of the OPUS-QUAD.

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The OPUS-QUAD, renowned for its exquisite design and exceptional playability, takes DJ performances to new heights. Its seamless integration with Serato DJ Pro empowers DJs to deliver captivating sets that inspire and engage their audience, regardless of the venue or location.

To take advantage of this innovative integration, users will need to ensure they have the latest versions of Serato DJ Pro and the OPUS-QUAD driver software (for Windows users) installed. Additionally, a firmware update for the all-in-one DJ system is required to enable the full range of features and functionalities offered by this powerful partnership.

Whether you are a seasoned DJ or a budding music enthusiast, the OPUS-QUAD with Serato DJ Pro support promises to elevate your DJing experience to a whole new level. Seamlessly blending stunning design with unrivaled playability, the OPUS-QUAD is set to redefine DJ performances and leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Embrace the future of DJing with the OPUS-QUAD and Serato DJ Pro, and witness the magic that unfolds when technology and creativity converge on the dancefloor. Upgrade your DJ setup with this groundbreaking collaboration and unleash your full potential as a performer.


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