Paco Osuna’s Now Here Residency Shines at Hï Ibiza

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Paco Osuna’s Now Here Residency Shines at Hï Ibiza

Hï Ibiza is renowned for its electrifying atmosphere and star-studded lineup, making it a must-visit destination on the White Isle. Among the club’s legendary residents is Paco Osuna, the Spanish DJ and producer known for his dynamic and energetic dancefloor performances.

Last summer, Paco announced his inaugural residency at Hï Ibiza, titled Now Here, alongside The Martinez Brothers. The 17-week residency received an overwhelming response from fans and concluded with a remarkable finale in October. This year, Paco Osuna is back, and Now Here has evolved alongside the club itself. Paco expresses his excitement, saying, “I’ve wanted to come back since I played last season’s final day. I’ve missed it terribly.”

Paco Osuna's Now Here Residency Shines at Hï Ibiza

Feeling more at home than ever in Hï Ibiza’s underground dancefloor, the Club Room, Paco Osuna settles into his weekly residency every Tuesday night with confidence. With an impressive roster of guest artists joining him on the decks, including Solardo, Chris Stussy, Nicole Moudaber, and many more, Paco is ready to embrace whatever this season has in store. For the opening gig on June 13, Now Here welcomes Hï Ibiza regulars, including Melanie Ribbe from Agape Musik and local talent Manu Gonzalez.

Hï Ibiza buzzes with energy in every corner. The iconic Wild Corner, located in a low-ceiling working bathroom, prepares for an exhilarating set by Skepta and Jammer, who recently launched a tech-house project together. The Theatre, where The Martinez Brothers are scheduled to perform, boasts a grand production with stunning special effects and floor-to-ceiling LED screens in an amphitheater-style setting. However, the main attraction lies in The Club Room, where the night kicks off with thunderous applause as Paco takes the stage, greeted like he never left.

Paco commands the room from the moment he starts, captivating the crowd with his seamless blend of styles, ranging from vocal house to his own productions and darker tech cuts. The pulsating four-to-the-floor beats fill the air, with arms raised and a mesmerizing light show illuminating the club-goers in pure ecstasy. Paco teases the crowd with a sultry edit of 20 Fingers’ classic hit “Short Dick Man,” and the crowd erupts in excitement. The frenetic set reaches its climax at 7:00 AM, leaving the audience cheering for more.

Paco Osuna's Now Here Residency Shines at Hï Ibiza2

“The Club Room is where I feel most comfortable, where I play the music I want with complete freedom,” shares Paco. “From the moment I step foot in the Club Room, my mood changes dramatically. I’ve never experienced anything like this in any club in the world.”

The Club Room holds a special place in Hï Ibiza’s legacy, and Paco knows how to captivate the audience in this space. As the weeks pass by, Paco expertly navigates through tempos and sounds, capturing the essence of Ibiza away from the mainstream. Throughout the season, he has shared the stage with talented artists such as Kidoo, Blackchild, Wheats, and Dennis Cruz. The upcoming weeks promise more top-tier acts, including Latmun and Danyelino.

Among the numerous parties on the island, Paco’s Now Here residency at Hï Ibiza stands out as a true gem. “Hï’s Club Room has completely won me over,” says Paco. His commanding presence on the dancefloor and the forthcoming season are set to leave an indelible mark. “Last year was incredible, a dreamy season that will be hard to surpass. I’ve worked hard to recreate the same magical experiences and special moments. The energy, the new room decor, and everything that happened during the opening were simply MAGICAL.”


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